Mr. Ward Davis And Mr. Rye Davis At The Spillway.

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Apr 012020

I have a bunch of news I want to tell you about Mr. Rye Davis, I was contacted recently that he has a new single out now, and we have it on our playlist. You can go HERE to listen to it. Heck, I BET you’ll find a few more independent bands on there you might like too!

I had to take some time away from my desk to attend to some medical issues, and he has since then released his new album called “Cut To Tape”. Please make sure you go over and purchase his new album after reading this article, which transpired recently at the Spillway Bar And Grill in Bowling Green Kentucky.

Mr. Rye Davis is one of the most overlooked artists in my area by the major media factions, and I am angry about their insouciant attitude toward his music. Not to mention the fact he is always approachable, and ardently passionate about those that love his music.

He played the 1983 song called “The Ride” that Mr. Gary Gentry wrote for Mr. David Allan Coe. It was on the 1983 album called “Castles In The Sand”.  The next song, which is on the new album called “King Me” hit me right in my feels. Because my own father died in 2017 from dementia , and I can really relate to the lyrics here.

My dad got lost and he wasn’t allowed to drive anymore, and he didn’t remember who I was when I went to see him before he died.  My dad didn’t play checkers, but I could easily place myself in that song.  “She’d Know” was another original ( as were the rest of them), that tells us about his feelings about his own wife.

“Blue Jeans” is an absolute masterpiece, and if you haven’t heard it, you are nuts. This song tells of his laments of his youth, but he spins it into a happy memory as well. All of the things he left in his pockets, that his mother found in the past as she washed them painted a story that couldn’t be told anybody any better.

“Everyday America” and “They All Know My Name” were included in his set. His second to last song was a new one called ” Save You A Seat”. This song is dedicated to the people that Bible bash and condemn others for being less religious than them. All in all I can pretty much say I have always had a wonderful time watching his show, wherever it may be.

Mr. Clint Park, whom is also an active member of the Ward Davis band played an equally amazing set of his own songs, and one Leon Russell cover. He has a self titled 5 song EP out now, and you can purchase it on his website by clicking on his name up there.

Now, mind you this concert happened in November of 2019….yeah…that’s how behind I am. However the time I lost was time well invested into my health NOW, and it’s easier to move forward than to fall behind more. I apologized to just about everyone I can think of, and I have never been more proud of myself for finding sobriety within lyrics that speak of pills and whiskey.

While I was detoxing this song ” Why Can’t It Be Raining” really spoke to me, and it’s almost like it was God’s plan to save this article for me to write NOW. See the addiction is all behind me now, and I can say at one time I DID wish the sun would disappear.

“Let It Burn” was played tonight, as well as “Even Texas Ain’t Big Enough”. But the song called “One Track Mind” also spoke to me as a lover of good story songs, and this song truly gave me the chills. Because AT THIS TIME I was teetering on the idea of going to addiction help, and I think this song along with a few more helped me decide to go.

There are not many songwriters that I adore more than Mr. Ward Davis and his style. To me, he is a modern day Dean Dillon or Don Schlitz. I have no doubt in my mind my daughter will one day call him a Legend of Country Music. He is sadly overlooked by the establishment, and thusly he became “one of our boys”.

Despite that his songs have been recorded by Legends, and he has continued to pave the way for people like Mr. Rye Davis….like Mr. Ward’s heroes did for him. Mr. Ward Davis is doing EXACTLY what Mr. Roy Acuff and his ilk wanted us to do…maintain integrity.

“No Goin’ Home” once you’re gone there ain’t no going home. “Time To Move On” was off his new album “Asunder”.  One of the songs he wrote that was recorded by Mr. Cody Jinks was called “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me”. Another song included here tonight was called “Get To Work Whiskey”.

He played covers too! And to be honest that’s GREAT that he honors some of the Legends like the 1958 Sun Records behemoth song by Johnny Cash called “Big River”. It’s from Cash’s third album “Songs That Made Him Famous”….and it did.  Now this next one “Money In the Bank” was from the 1993 John Anderson album ‘Solid Ground”. I wanna say I study John Anderson very ardently, and I thought his version was good. I LOVE the late 80’s and early 90’s Country.

Everybody loves his song he wrote with Mr. Cody Jinks called “I’m Not The Devil”, and he did several more before breaking out into his songs like the title track of his bigger album called ” 15 Years In A 10 Year Town”. He also played “Geronimo” and his anthem…the almighty ” Old Worn Out Cowboys”, that originally guest starred Mr. Willie Nelson and Mr. Jamey Johnson.

I truly  enjoy coming out to the Spillway for so many shows, and as soon as this national crisis is over with, our beloved music will soon return to normal and we can start supporting shows and venues again. I decided to go to recovery at a VERY good time.

Ultimately I hope with all my heart and soul that all my music friends still love and support what I do. I was well pleased with the way my crew ran OUR website while I was away, and how they touched base with me as they could to track my progress in recovery.

You know Country Music as a whole often glorifies alcohol and drug use, but in the end it also speaks of redemption and righting your wrongs. It truly is the Lord’s music, even as old as Uncle Dave Macon, it has established itself as a beacon for sinners and heathens alike….and I believe Country Music heals them. I used people like Mr. Ward Davis to heal myself that’s for DAMN SURE!

I’m back everybody, and better than ever!

Feb 132018

Once again I’m enjoying those wonderful Spillway Wings on a rainy Sunday evening, in order to watch David Vaughn Lindsay, Billy Don Burns, and Mr. Austin Lee. You know I have always raved bout Spillways food and shows, so if you haven’t been there please make it a point to hit a show there.

Basically what happens are the artists swap out turns playing original songs they wrote on an acoustic form, much like the time I covered John King And Others in the past. Much like the fashion I have covered the others in, I will be writing about each of the artists on their own sections.

Mr. Austin Lee is based out of Nashville and is originally from Mississippi, just starting out on the touring scene, having booking some shows with my Texas with my friend Miss Emily Erwin and her company,  and is about ready to do a three week stretch. He opened his set with a song he wrote at seventeen called “Reckless”. He continued his set with songs like “Let Go”, which was a solemn song about heartbreak.

The third song he played I took a video of and it called when you came around which sadly JUST GOT erased. I publicly apologize for this. He followed that up with a song called “Jessi” which was about Jessi Colter and Waylon’s love story. It was a very nice waltz song, most of his original songs are easy to understand and quite catchy.

So after the break they began another round and he began with a song called “Too Damn Long”, and talked more about his upcoming tour. He is now talking about his title song of his tour called “Betting Away My Life” which was his next song. He moved here on November 26th 2016 and has been here fourteen months.

His last song of the night was called “Drive” where he talks about a young boy waiting to drive.  I honestly think that was the best and most well written song that he played tonight. I wish him much luck out there in the next few weeks.

Mr. Billy Don Burnsis a Legend that sadly I haven’t had the chance to run across as of late, its been a few months since we crossed paths. But when we do its always just like magic, the stories and the history that his songs embellish are timeless.

He spoke with so much authority and history I think the entire bar was entirely captivated. The stories he told after some of the songs were amazing, including the first one about getting out of the halfway house to play that Kentucky show.

He played the song called “Is it The Singer Or Is It The Song” which he stated that he played on the Opry with Shooter and Jessi Colter, and Shooter had asked him to play that song. The next song he played he said he heard on the radio in a cab that Whitey Morgan cut called “Memories Cost A Lot”.

He is right now telling us about the project that fell through about trying to record Paycheck in prison, where the recordings got lost. After the break he played a song called Stranger, which is one of the songs I seldom hear him play live.

He played the title track of his newest album called “Graveyard In Montgomery” which is one of his more poignant songs he sings. It’s pretty much full of darkness and ghostly presences. He is closing out the evening with the song called Talk About Crazy, which is the name of his current tour. We don’t get to see each other often enough that’s for sure.

Mr. David Vaughn Lindsay is another man that I touched on many times and I don’t get to run into as often either. His first song he played was called Heathen. His second song that he and his guitarist played was called Na Na Na, basically he said he couldn’t find the right chorus.

The video I will be including in this article was a song called Fool Like Me and followed that by asong called Fightings What I Do. The big dog himself is up there playing some darn fine old Shot Time And Cigarettes songs, right now he is playing Sometimes.

The song Love To Hate was another older song that got played tonight, as he talked about the song Mr Colter wrote about him called Me And Big Dave. His last song was I cant Quit Drinking by Paycheck, he re wrote it and changed the lyrics a little with a soul tempo.

They WILL be bringing this series back to the monthly rotation soon, even though it was reported that Spillway will be soon closing on Sundays.

Nov 252017

The Dallas Moore Band has been VERY busy burning up the American roads, and this is easily the millionth time I have covered them in 2017. In fact tomorrow night they will be up in Wilder Kentucky at Bobby Mackey’s haunted Honky Tonk. I got the pleasure to see them there many times as well as many other bands.

Speaking of Honky Tonk, Mr. Dallas ALL NEW album coming up is called Mr. Honky Tonk and will be out SOON on Sol Records.  Also tonight we will be seeing Mr. Rye Davis and a band called No Deceit which is a bar band by their own description, because of the wide array of covers they perform.

As always the food here at the Spillway bar and grill was exceptionally good. I LOVE the wings and pizza, heck I LOVE it all, try one of everything! We have a pretty decent sized crowd out here for tonight’s event, and I’m proud to once again feature this wonderful band.

Mr. Rye Davis is going to go up first here, and he opened his set with “If You Wanna Rock And Roll”, and another one of my favorites called “Blue Jeans”. He stood up there and sang his heart out to us on that song, which is one of his more well written songs. He played “The Ride” made popular by David Allan Coe.

Two songs here that he co wrote with his wife one was called “Leaves You Lonely” , he said he recently recorded the song in preparation  for his 2018 release. The next new song I caught on video and I have included it here, while he went into Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road”.

He went into another well written song called “Lavender Candles” it was REALLY well written in a waltz type delivery, with a truly awesome description. He followed that with another one called “Your Favorite Song”, which was another new song being recorded. Also he played “In Color” in the style of Jamey Johnson, and “Family Tradition” before he closed with the song “They All Know My Name” with a few members of the next band No Deceit.

Miss Allison Stafford – Lead Singer/ Rhythm, Mr. Jaron Mudd – Drums, Mr.Michael Bradshaw – Lead Guitar/ Electric and Mr. Eric Scott- Bass/ Background Vocals make up No Deceit. Miss Allison has a powerhouse vocal presentation accompanied by a roaring lead guitarist. Obnoxiously loud and aggressive guitar solos tear apart these songs they play like “Smoked Myself Into A Dream” and “Hicktown”.

They did a REALLY NICE cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” in Stapleton fashion, upon which she displayed some TRULY wonderful high notes and vocal range. They played a song called “Nawlins” and a Kid Rock song before the Stapleton song, and another off their album called “Take It Easy”.

This band was exceptionally energetic and complimented Mr. Dallas Moore’s band really well, and set a really nice tone for the closing band tonight. As they played “Might as Well Get Stoned” by Stapleton they once again brought out great rhythm guitars and better solos, this is just a great jam band! “Free And Easy” was next followed by the title of their album a song called “Bar Band” and here the video for their finale is included in this article.

So let my website be one of the FIRST to announce the OFFICIAL album release party date for Mr. Honkytonk will be February 14th at the Nashville Palace, right after Mr. Dallas presents the Ameripolitan Music Award that previous night, because he’s a BUSY MAN!

He opened with “Can’t You See”, and went right into his own versions of Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River” and also “Freeborn Man”. If it’s one thing he’s good at it’s cover songs however it’s always originals like “Twisting Through Texas”.

Right now he is playing ‘Bottle And A Bible” followed by “Raising Hell And Slinging Gravel”, but I’m waiting for him to play some new songs to catch on video. He’s playing “One More Ride” from his LIVE album from the Bulliet County Jail. He doesn’t have that much merch left because he currently in the transitional period right now, but he is one of those artists where I have most of his products anyways.

“Shoot Out The Lights” was next followed by the song “You Know The Rest”, as Mr. Dallas takes command of the stage tonight as his usual fashion and his band is always on point every time. It’s always a truly fun time with this band at Spillway. Right now he’s giving us some heathen preaching “Up On That Mountain”, that he wrote about Altamont. Altamont is the very first time I ever met Mr. Dallas, and it’s been an honor to watch so many fine friends from that event grow.

This above video contains the title track to the new album called “Mr. Honky Tonk” and also another new song called “Nice And Slow”. The song called “Somewhere Between Bridges” was the only song on the new album he did not write, and you can learn the story of that song on his Facebook page.

“Home Is Where The Highway Is” was included in this set, as he played a whopping portion of the new album for us tonight, this place thinned out pretty early tonight everybody must have been tired from the Black Friday shopping or LIKE ME you been out hunting records all day for Record Store Day. After he plays New Years Eve he said he’s played 327 shows in 2017.

He played a very old song called “Blame It On The Weed” which was hollered out by some older fans, along with his usual awesome instrumental that he closed with. You can find Mr. Dallas on the road tonight in Wilder Kentucky at Bobby Mackey’s for showtimes please click on the link above.

Sep 172017

Folks like many times before I am here in Bowling Green at the The Spillway Bar And Grill on a wonderful Saturday night for some real Outlaw Country Music. the Barnyard Stompers are a duo I haven’t ran into for several years in person however I did write a great article for their new album OUT NOW.

In the words of Mr. Kasey we got merchandise available and every ten dollars gets us seven miles down the road, so if you like it buy it all. If you don’t like it buy it anyways because it gets us the fuck away from you! The food is always top notch good and the atmosphere makes this bar an easy bet to work a show article like this one.

They played originals and covers tonight both, and began with “Ain’t Living Long Like This”, and went right into the cover of the “Auctioneer Song”. That’s originally a 1958 Leroy Van Dyke song, that he is well known for, then they went into the song called “The Devil’s Horn”.

‘Heavy Load” is one of  their truck driving songs they have that’s an original before they went into “Luchenbach Texas” from Waylon Jennings.  They went into their adult themed song called “Truck Drivin Son Of A Bitch”, and now let’s watch a video from the songs:

Rambler, followed by “The Saw Is Family”.

They then played a cover of ‘Country Boy Can Survive” and played the song “Payback”, all the while playing a crazy wild show complete with drunken donkey stories and harmonica mic feedback from the monitor. We talked about being old and life in general, before they played “Roll On”.

They closed their set with a cover of “Titties And Beer” along with a song they made a video for called ‘Outlaws With Chainsaws Part 2 The Revenge”. Their final song was called “Corn Liquor”.

Mr.Dallas Moore is always a sure bet for fun, as we both are fresh off Muddy Roots Music Festival and Americana Fest as well. I’m going to include his promo for his new album Mr. Honky Tonk on this article here, as well as his video from Muddy Roots. He’s up right now doing soundcheck.

He began with several cover songs here tonight ‘Can’t You See”, “Whiskey River” and “Freeborn Man” all of which included some amazing guitar solos and fancy pants string work on Mr. Dallas part. He’s just plain out simply one of the finest in this business in every aspect of the part.

Right now as I write he is playing “Twisting Through Texas” for us taking us on a rocket ride through his original material, as he usually does. Mr. Dallas and his crew are insanely hard working, in fact they already played a show tonight in Ohio before they even came here to play…wow..

He bellowed through “Bottle And A Bible” and right now he is tearing this place apart with “Raising Hell And Slinging Gravel”. Playing songs off of his LIVE album he recorded from the Bulluiet County Jail in Kentucky recently were next with “One More Ride”.

“Shoot Out The Lights” was next off the Dark Horse Rider album, as he prepares his new album aptly called “Mr. Honkytonk”. “You Know The Rest” was his next song from his original list of songs.  We also went ‘Up On That Mountain” as Mr. Dallas and I once did at Altamont in East Tennessee.

This new album called Mr. Honkytonk album Mr. Dallas ever recorded in Nashville, this following video is from the title track called Mr. Honkytonk, and the next song was new called . I’m pretty damn stoked about this new album as I am always am for his new work.

He played five new songs for us tonight off the forthcoming album including “Mr. Honkey Tonk” one called “Nice And Slow” and one his wife named by a saying she brought up called “Home Is Where The Highway Is”. You know nobody in this business hits the highway harder than Mr. Dallas.

“Burns Like Kisses” was another new song and “In Between Bridges” was the last, I’m pretty sure those were the names and I’ll go back and correct anything I got wrong. He then played an old acoustic song as a personal favor to an old friend that recently got engaged, and then proceeded to honor our fallen hero Mr. Don Williams.

He played a medley of Don Williams classic like “Tulsa Time” off of the 1978 album Expressions, it was written by Danny Flowers. He played “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”, and “Amamnda”. Tonight at the Spillway not a darn one of us minded the wide array of cover songs from this fine musician.

“Mama Tried”and “The Cowboy Rides Away” were included as well as ‘This Old Cowboy” which included a GREAT lengthy instrumental complete with ripping guitar solos from Mr. Chuck. As usual he closed his set with another lengthy instrumental classic from the Allman Brothers..”Whipping Post”.

We all had a blast tonight, some truly fine music by two great bands and some damn good food. All in All I can honestly say I had a pretty good year of live music, I may have some more events coming up but I’m going to focus on catching up on bills and personal stuff so that I can bring YOU MORE great music reports in 2018.

Jul 252017

Spillway Bar And Grill Is the place to be tonight for another songwriters night. joining us for tonight’s entertainment is Mr. Keith Hurt, Mr. Mark Beagle and Mr David Vaughn Lindsay which tonight will be my album review of his new release called “Next”.

Once again like last time they turned off all the televisions and talking was kept to minimum. He opened the show like all the other times and explained how things work for this event. They moved all of the tables back down on the dance floor, to make a better ambiance.

As always the food was exceptionally good, I HAD to come down and get some wings and cheese sticks, the sound was absolutely wonderful like it always has been. You just cannot go wrong on a hot Sunday afternoon with good food and a cool bar, and some GREAT acoustic music.

Mr.Keith Hurt started out the rounds, and they all three took turns playing one song a piece. However to make this article a little easier to follow for YOU as a reader, I’ll write it as though each artist played an entire set at one time. Mr. Keith has a real elaborate style and vocal delivery, however his songs were very easy to enjoy.

He began his set with a song called “Wanna Be Somebody’ and then played a really pretty song called “Hummingbird” which included some very nice guitar playing. He then went into a short story about how he found a sugar bowl at a yard sale that he kept some personal items in….the song was called “Sugarbowl”.

This video included in this show is from his song called “Angel Kisses” . The song he played after the break was called “Ain’t It Cool” followed by a song that showed off his vocal abilities really well called “That’s A Good Thing”. Mr. David’s guitarist Mr. Dale Adams added some incredible leads to that song…and the amazing thing was they NEVER MET.

He closed with several more songs filled with intense guitar playing and growling out some of the lyrics with passion, I’m pretty sure the last one was called “To Get You By”.

The middle bar stool tonight was occupied by the big man that is mentioned in the new Colter Wall album called ‘Big Dave”. Mr.David Vaughn Lindsey who like I mentioned just released an album on Young Mary’s Record Co. called “Next”. I purposely waited to speak about this album until now for this reason.

The first song he played was actually the first song on this album and it was called “Love 2 Hate” and he also played the song called “King Of Fools” which is the fifth cut off the album. One of my personal favorite songs on the album was a song that was inspired by the passing of Jon Hensley, and it was called “Taste Of Rain”.

This record really captured his vocals really well, and the songs were all well written, “Love 2 Hate” was easily relate able to me, I have burned many A midnight oil…MANY all nighters to pull off this website. I’m one of the ones that some people love to hate, because i’m not afraid to be myself.

I recall his visitation services being VERY hot out and as soon as it was finished it came a hard rain, many friendships were rekindled that afternoon. He also played a song called “fighting For What I Did”. After the break the first song he played was called “Walking The Same Road”, and he said this was a rare song to find on CD.

He brought a really fine guitarist along that had some really good harmonics and some really good vocal accompaniments to Mr. David, and as I stated he added leads to many songs tonight. he is now playing a song called “Fool Like Me” from his Shot Time And Cigarettes days.

He played another song off the new album about making reoccurring mistakes called “My Bad”, and he closed his set off with a song from the album called “Every Day”. It was pretty enjoyable to witness the entire album played just acoustic, to be honest it is my personal favorite choice for musical expression.

The third spot on tonight’s Songwriters show was occupied by Mr.Mark Beagle who had some fine remarks about one of the local Legends around here Pat Haney who played the first Songwriter show, you can read more about that HERE. In my opinion later on in the evening he played the best song out of all of them, it was a well written uptempo spectacle of greatness!

He used the name Lee Harvey because someone told him he looked like Lee Harvey Oswald, however now he uses Mark Beagle. His first song was called “Cadillac’s To Town” followed by one called “Worn Out And Tattered”, and another called “Bartender”.

“Johnny Walker” was another great song he played, but I’ll be completely honest one of the last songs that he played in his set was a Bluegrass tune called “Blue Eyed Queen”. And that song was BY FAR the best arranged and most well written song of the entire round.

The story behind it was completely awesome, from the time when Del McCourry and Steve Earle collaborated on that Bluegrass album called “The Mountain” in 1999. Del McCourry told him there was no room in Bluegrass for perversion….and Steve Earle said well there is no room in perversion for Bluegrass.

To be honest I think “Carrie Brown” is one of the coolest Bluegrass tunes ever, and I want “Pilgrim” played at my funeral. He also had one song called “Truck Stop Queen” and another called “whiskey River” (Not a cover of the Willie Nelson song).

All in All people the Spillway is a terrific place to see live music of any type, because the food is beyond amazing. The entire ride up there I’m always in a quandary as to what to eat!


Feb 032017

Folks its been a hell of a long week of music here in Tennessee and Kentucky but I did manage to get to the Spillway Bar And Grill for the first songwriter series that has ever transpired here. I wanted to say outright I have seen many fine shows here at the Spillway and I love the food and atmosphere here. But I have never witnessed such a sincere and fine attempt at appreciating the songwriting aspect of the music business.

I have been reiterating this for nearly two decades now in my studies of Country Music and this hypothesis even trickles into Bluegrass and Roots Music and other genres in various cases, it has three staple core pillars. The Producer, the songwriter and the Steel Guitar. If a Country album has all three you have a classic album the likes of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger which in my opinion is the greatest Country album of all time. You have another fine example in Wanted the Outlaws which became the first platinum selling Country album of all time and became a thorn in the side of Music Row which at that pinnacle of history was pushing the Nashville Sound and Chet Atkins movement, not saying I didn’t enjoy pop country of that period of time…I did.

Basically getting back to my original subject, this was in some ways a typical writers night with a few small different twists, as the televisions were turned off and the tables were furnished with waitress lights that light up when you need service. NO talking is allowed during this event and the tables were moved onto the dance floor so we could get up close to the stage. One negative thing I had was I used my light and didn’t get anyone’s attention, make NO mistake the service is always beyond stellar and I think they were reluctant to approach tables during the music. That I can ascertain as a negative turned into a positive. I had NO problem going to the bar to order my food, if I miss a song I can contact the artist and they know I’m not perfect although I strive for it as best as I can.

Mr. Robert began the entire event with explanations on how the event was going to happen along with the opportunity to ask each individual singer questions. Each picker took turns playing one song just like The typical round fashion which is prevalent in Nashville. The stories and origins of most of them abounded in prominent fashion here at the Spillway tonight. This was indeed one of the finer songwriter nights in this area, and honestly it even rivaled the iconic Bluebird Cafe which is heralded as one of the nation’s finest.

I enjoy writing these articles that swap out turns in a fashion of focusing upon one artist at a time so that is indeed what I shall adhere to in this article as well. So with that being stated let’s focus upon a fellow I haven’t covered since and his name is Rye Davis.

Mr.Rye has been playing local music here for many years, but he was also a minor league pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and stated one of his fastest pitches was 98 miles and hour. People asked him many questions today, and that was one of them. His first song was one called “Make It Through The Night” As he introduced us to his style and the personality of his vocal delivery.

He was influenced by Waylon and Dwight Yoakam which is vividly present through his vocal presentations, he possesses a rare comfort of being on a stage at the focus of attention here tonight and I can easily see how much fun he is having with no tensity at all. His next song was called “No Wings” , and the video I have included of his on this article was a song called “She’d Know”. There is some brief dialogue at the beginning of this video which explains the song better than I could.

One of the more personal songs he played for us tonight was called ” This Side Of Heaven” which is what I am enjoying right this very minute, as I write this article portion before I enjoy these wings, currently he is reminiscing about how he got started playing at the Spillway.  Miss Mary Jo asked Mr Rye to tell the story behind his song “Blue Jeans” which pretty much every young man my age can relate to.

Man when I was a young man I used to throw my dirty clothes all over my floor and my mom (like many moms) would so they could look in your dirty jeans pockets to find guilty clues to what you have been into. Skoal rings, condom wrappers, love letters…etc.

He closed his turns out with songs called “Love You Till Morning” and his last one was called “They All Know My Name”. Both of those were equally good songs in their own right, and I would highly suggest catching one of his sets sometime in the local will NOT be disappointed.

Mr. Pat Haney is one of the Bowling Green areas local Legends who I have never had the opporuntiy to witness until today. He is quite possibly one of the most cut and dry and entertaining individuals I have ever encountered in my tenure as a journalist. I mean he emanates a “been there done that” ambiance that rivals the passel of writers with thousands of cuts playing the Bluebird or Douglass Corner Lounge.

He opened with a small tale of growing up in Detroit,where a place called “Little Kentucky” existed. His grandparents taught him about the place that even the mail carrier was afraid to embark was that rough. So the mail carrier would deliver the mail to the tool room at the local factory, and often the intended recipients aquired their mail too late. In one instance the person which the song “Adeline” is about indeed did get his letter too late.

He continued his set with a song called “I’m Alright And You’re Somewhere Turning 62”. He wrote that song about an old dishwasher he met in a green room which was a dish washer area. He was in Bend,Oregon and had ear problems from the altitude where he had to rest.

His next song was called “I Should’ve Danced With You”, and he followed that with an eclectic subject song called “Hwy 40 Ain’t No Place To Be”. Folks you just need to go see him and ask about the house sitter named Emily and the kennel for kids that had a sandbox so refereed to himself as a cat. Don’t go into the woods because the wild animals eat children and a little girl named Sue that came out of the woods who taught him how to spit….to an old GTO he was rebuilding his father said would never run..and did.


“Songs are like viruses, they have a thirteen day incubation period and you throw up from the flu, and that’s a song”.

He sang a song called “The Nursing Home Song” which Mr. John King said he once played a nursing home and a resident was knitting and he played fifteen of his own, then played that song and she finally said “good song”. John King complemented the trio quite amicably. The three were very friendly and respected each other   as peers. I wanted to say the BEST song of his set in my opinion was one I didn’t capture on video and it was called “It Wont Be Over No Coal”. He closed his set with a song called “Licts” as in “derelicts”.

The third artist in this trio was one of my 2015 TOP 50 albums, John King who leads the Mud River Revival played a truly stellar set. In fact I was so busy writing and editing this I forgot to capture video of him until his last song which was “Man On The Mountain”. I AM going to include his promo video for his NEW song called “Free To Leave”.

He began his set with “Heaven Gained Another Angel”, and the ever popular song he includes in just about every set called “Veteran”.  I shall close this article with the official video for his new upcoming song called “Free To Leave”. His band The Mud River Revival has developed their own distinct sound that is clearly recognizable within the local scene in this area.

One of the new songs he performed was one of his songs that I related to called “Ghost”, see my own father suffers from Alzheimers and Dementia. He doesn’t honestly know things going on around him or who we are, however his soul still lingers somewhere in that body of his. He was inspired to write this by a lady in church that delivered a vicious stare to his son, and later was informed she had Alzheimers.  He also played “Nowehre Kentucky” and one that was requested called “It Ain’t Easy But It’s Honest”.

In closing I must stress my interest delving into further installments of this event, and how much of an impact this can have on his community. It brings together fans and artists that perform REAL music, and it won’t always be Country. In fact the next installment will feature some Rock acts in an acoustic fashion, and to the best of my knowledge will be of the same fashion as this one was.

May 162014

The Spillway Bar And Grill and Outlaw Magazine is throwing ONE HELL
of a party here in Bowling Green!
Also sponsoring this show is YOURS TRULY and my good friend Kenneth Marr
and The Moonshine Sauce Company.

 photo da405b41-4b9e-4d5b-872d-25982e0487d5_zpsa536e9ef.jpg

Right now “The Hosscat”Stephen Hatcher is up doing a REAL
nice set!
He is one of the members of the rock band Sinners And Saints and plays guitar
for them.

He opened his set with a song I didn’t catch the name of and his second one
was ‘Further Down”. He has a very Country influenced writing style.
And you can easily see that in his song “Good Goodbeye” and another well
written song “Not ready To Get Over You”.

He sang songs about America and his wife and I caught one called
‘Only Want To Be With You” and another called “Devil Aint No Friend Of mine’.

Right now he’s playing a Waylon song with a Blues twist. He is playing
“Ramblin Man” really different.
And is now doing his last song ‘Gotta Get Drunk” and will turn the stage
over to Chris Moondog Hall.

 photo 376a4ffc-6012-4cdd-8bab-819c6ae73f05_zps1f8ba2a1.jpg

He started out with my favorite “Better Than That”. What a good song!
And his second song was called “Land Of make Believe”.

He too, has a really unique style all his own.
His version of Coe’s “The Ride” is also enjoyable.
And Kentucky Johnny is watching me work…and I had a beer with him.

I’m surrounded by people I love to see and neon lights..I AM in my
happy place. “What if?” Moondog keeps on playing all night!
GREAT slow song called ‘Blue In Kentucky”.
Man I’m having SUCH A GOOD TIME in here!

Another favorite song was “What Happened To The Songs”.
Right now he’s playing “Change The Sheets”.
And me and Mr. Kurt are listening to him play “Breckenridge County”.

We are about to Welcome Cley Reynolds to the stage after he does
his two songs available only on download.
 photo 7da7df08-e87c-4e82-bde5-6feb61fe5bf1_zps1f7eacbc.jpg


Of course he opened with ‘Hurricane” and now is playing
“Magnolia”. I LOVE his style and how he plays that guitar.

Right now he’s doing one of his father’s songs.
His father was Billy Ray Reynolds and to me he was the whole
reason Waylon sounded like Waylon.

Covering ‘Dang Me” by Roger Miller and “Sixteen Tons” by Merle Travis
made popular by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
“Cool Water” is what are currently hearing Mr. Cley play right now.

I can’t understand WHY people wouldn’t come out to a FREE songwriter
show like this but they pay 100 dollars for one song they heard on
the radio! It’s totally lacking of culture and sense!
There was A LOT of talent up there tonight!

He’s playing “I Still Miss Someone”. And Marty Robbins were having
such a wonderful time out here and HELL I’m on vacation.
Listening to him play a Jackson Browne song.

They are closing the place and we are STILL HERE listening to Mr. Cley
play “Dreaming My Dreams With You”.
Now the song “Dancing To The Sound Of The World Burning Down”.

Moondog is telling us another great story about Wayne Mills and him
doing a co-write of a song called “Road To Sanity”.
He played it on Mr. Cley’s guitar but it is a NICE song!

“I’ll Be There When They Burn The Last Honky Tonk Down”..bye guys.