Terry Jennings Will Publish Memoirs Of Life With Waylon.


Terry Jennings is the oldest son of Waylon Jennings and was born when Waylon was only 19 years old in 1956, so with that being said he grew up more as a brother to his own father. In April of 2016 Mr. Terry along with contributor David Thomas will bring his epic stories of life on the road with his iconic father to our coffee tables in this book “Waylon Tales Of My Outlaw Dad”.

It’s available for Pre-order HERE on Amazon and I’m sure it’s available on other websites, and I’m told it will not arrive in time for Christmas. But for the 20 dollar hardcover price you sure the heck CANNOT beat that for the wealth of information this book contains, and hell…coming form a memory that was THERE you know they are all true stories.

Country Music absolutely fascinates me especially the “Outlaw Era” of the 1960’s and 70’s. I have been studying Mr. Terry’s whole family for many years and some of the stories I have been told by many people over the years I hope some of them are contained in this book, as well as some stories from the house off Old Hickory in Nashville. Some of the stories showcase the dirty (but honest) sense of humor that Waylon had as a person and as a performer, and I’m sure there will be plenty of mention of the like of Ralph Mooney one the greatest steel guitarists of our time.

Waylon’s spirit remains alive today with Waymore’s Outlaws and often times Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jr.) plays with his father’s band so we can still enjoy all the old classic timeless songs Waylon performed in that same fashion he did. So with this book his spirit can continue to live in our hearts and if your brain is a sponge like mine is you will equally enjoy this book.

Mr. Terry often posts some of the stories on social media and I have read so many previous books on Waylon Jennings that I can already tell you, this will be more funny than watching TV and full of more debauchery and mischief than anything I could describe. Like the time he and Johnny Cash lived together in Nashville and would place rattlesnakes in suitcases along I-40 and hide behind bushes and watch people pull over and grab them. I’m sure there will be portions of the book that will entail his sentiments for the Hall Of Fame, which shortly before his passing in 2002 Bill Anderson finally convinced Waylon to view his plaque while the Hall was closed.

I absolutely cannot wait for this book to appear in my mailbox!