Nov 112013

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The wonderfull folks at Muddy Roots Music Festivals.
have announced some BIG….HUGE…MAJOR NEWS for the 2014 music festival!
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers are coming back
for one time only?…..nobody really knows!

One thing is for SURE, Mr. Jason has confirmed their appearance for the 2014 music festival
and since around November of 2012 nobody really knew what they planned on doing.
I’m also at this time unsure which lineup will be assembling for this event, but I
plan for DAMN SURE to find out and report on it to you.

They are a psychobilly punk rockabilly delta blues polka southern rock band originally from Paducah Ky.
They came around in the mid 90’s and blew threw towns like a pack of wolves..their live shows
are the so energetic and hardcore that venues reported it took two days to clean up
They were founded by Colonel J.D.Wilkes and they have had several lineup changes including
former Hank Williams 3 bassist JoeBuck, and several different drummers.
They have 6 albums from several different labels since they have formed in the 90’s.
Will they return for GOOD? WE WILL REPORT ON IT!

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