Oct 302021

The music industry is finally getting back to where people like me can go and enjoy live music again, festivals were actually functioning again, and museums and other like minded attractions re opened.  There are so many venues that need our support, and my list that you can read here supports a huge list of venues and bands that need our support. Go to the shows, buy stuff and make sure you let the bands know you appreciate them!

I have taken the past two years on a hiatus to mend some personal issues, and to help my daughter out in life. One of the many things I have showed her about my world, is the world of Country Music. Where did it come from? Who brought it forth? Where is it going in the future? How can she help proliferate this wonderful genre?

Right now, the Country Music Hall Of Fame needs our donations and our attendance in order to maintain their mission to preserve the items that adorn the halls of this heavenly place, and the people that have been embraced in the past by being inducted.

Next year, the museum will be inducting Mr. Pete Drake, Mr. Eddie Bayers, The Judds, and the great Mr. Ray Charles. There will be a huge presentation to them and their kinfolk, at the museum next year. Additionally, the museum also contains so many cherished and integral exhibits, that anyone can walk away very enriched in knowledge.

This video features some of our favorite Country stars of today as they play some of the instruments from the exhibit cases, that were once prominently played by their heroes of the past.  You know, I really don’t care for much of Mr. Tim McGraw’s music…but as he held that guitar that belonged to Mr. Keith Whitley, and he played “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, you can easily FEEL the amount of respect and love he has for his hero.

This video has Mr. Ricky Skaggs playing that iconic mandolin that was proudly boasted by Mr. Bill Monroe, while Mr. Marty Stuart played a guitar made famous by Mr. Lester Flatt and Mr. Earl Scruggs banjo was also played.

Friends, you MUST WATCH this wonderful video here and enjoy all of these songs that continue to inspire future generations of Country Music and Bluegrass fans. But also fans of the Bakersfield Era, the Outlaw Era, or any other Era for that matter….and PLEASE make a donation. Here’s how !

I usually make it a point to visit the museum once every three months or so, and I always take a pile of Kleenex with me, for when I get choked up! You will get to see the EXACT studio that Mr. Guy Clark had in his home, re set up in the Hall Of Fame, as Mr. Rodney Crowell played his signature guitar in it.

In closing, to be honest the pinnacle of the entire video for me was the song Miss Ashley McBryde played by Loretta Lynn, on the very guitar that she was given by her husband Doolittle.  Man, her voice is so honest and so full of range I could listen to her sing acoustic all night!

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