Apr 182014


As W.B. Walker would say….I mean HELL…who doesn’t love the Oak Ridge Boys?
And I’ll say THIS..I LOVE LOVE LOVE this album!
I’m ordering it on vinyl NOW!
It was released to stores on Tuesday the 15th and it has 14 songs.
Including my PERSONAL favorite “Elvira” which was wrote by country music
legend Dallas Frazier.

Folks they have been together and active for 41 years!
And they have had the same lineup since 1973..not many bands
can say that in ANY genre!

Some of the songs on the album date back to their very first
release under the Oak Ridge Boys name “Y’all Come Back Saloon”.

They were founded in the 1940’s as the Oak Ridge Quartet and
became a southern gospel band through the 1950’s and in late
1960 the Oak Ridge Boys were born.

Much of their well known hits were amassed in the 1970’s
and 1980’s.
And they remain active and touring today.

The album is released on Cleopatra Records and was produced
by lead singer Duane Allen.

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