Dec 292013

Saturday night went to Dino’s bar in East Nashville to witness
the Pride Of Possum Trot Kentucky (and not very far from me) …The Savior of Country Music
and one of the most REAL Country music artists I have heard lately Lickem Brown.

It was a smaller bar and it allowed smoking it was hard for me to take really
good pictures but I think I pulled this off quite well!
And the service was outstanding…wasn’t it guys?

 photo fd943f97-ee44-4316-a9ad-39b28add1bb2_zps24a9a76c.jpg

First up was a really cool banjo picker Jeremiah Cline.
This young man played some REALLY cool traditional bluegrass folk music and here’s a
bit of news that explains this man’s passion for playing music.
He was at the E.R. earlier to have stiches in his finger!
And he played that banjo like a true pro! He entertained is all while we waited
to be saved.
He played an original tune named “Ellen Rose” and several traditional tunes
like “Little Sadie” and more.

HE THEN began an introduction that put me to mind of an old fashioned
tent revival.
Announcing that the time was at hand for a savior to come..and come forth
he did as we were all witnessing the first appearance of Lickem Brown in
11 years!

 photo afc6f63f-79d9-425f-a96f-338c38f1fb84_zps7d5a39b4.jpg

He opened the show with his self titled song “Lickem Brown” and showed
his respect for Shelton Hank 3 with a cover of “straight To Hell”
It’s always a good song that gets the crowd going.

OK Here’s the scoop y’all and you heard it HERE FIRST!
He debuted a new song just like he promised, and it is
called “Dope Sick Blues” (not to be confused with Josh Morningstar)
it was a REALLY good song.

Then he played Skin And Bones which will be on his new album,
along with “Blue Moon Oer Kentucky” and then he paid a good
tribute to his hero Ernest Tubb by playing a REALLY cool
version of “Walking The Floor” and then he invited some
“Frands” up to play “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”.

My personal favorite song was “Possum Trot”.
It’s not really far from me where O’l Lickem is from.
It’s out near the LBL (Land Between The Lakes) area
in McCracken Co. There is a beautiful drive in theater
out there near him in Calvert City.

He then played a Bob Wayne tribute from his second
album “Till The Wheels Fall Off”.
And of course played some Hank Williams songs.
He did a really good job up there for being out
of performing live for so long. I hope he does some
more shows in the future!

And lastly but not least Mr. Jared Papas and I were
given the privilege to become famous and we were called
up to help him perform “Country As Fuck”.
Once you’re a buddy of his you’re a buddy for life.
He’s becoming more famous every day!

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