Dec 242013

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt
7.Marc-Allen Barnette
6.Kurt Fortmeyer
5.George Harper
4.Billy Yates

 photo c0403fc6-6e53-40fc-82a0-3cdb620e1948_zps2875045a.jpg

Well folks we are bringing this series of articles to a close with the next three.
I have REALLY enjoyed sharing these songs that are my favorites and the artists
that I love so much.
These people are my friends and a lot of them I have been so blessed to have
shared the stage with in the past.

This next person has contributed SO MUCH to country music and deserves
to be admired.
I doubt that most “country music” websites even know whom she is….sadly!

This is June Stearns and she is a country music legend.
Y’all need to go and research her more because she’s performed on more
country music shows and with more legends than ANYONE.
And the song I am featuring is “Wild And Wicked Ways”.

She’s always so nice and VERY welcoming and will always answer my questions
when I want to pester her.
I have been researching her for several years.

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