Nov 222013

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Once again I bring you another great pick from all of my years of Nashville open mic nights in town.
SO MANY possible choices for me here and you may or may not have heard these.
Now I URGE YOU to PLEASE some night…go support these open mic nights buy a beer..cause if they do
not make money the writers have NO PLACE to showcase!

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith

My number 8 pick is Don McNatt “Ripped Up Tore Up”.
It’s an absolutely hilarious song and it catches your attention RIGHT AWAY!
The first time I ever heard it I was at the Commodore and I had to leave for a basketball game just as he
was halfway done…I was upset.

One night at the Douglass Corner I was there and he played it and I got to talk with him.
He and his wife Karen accompany each other REALLY well. And it’s inventive how he plays an
acoustic as a bass for her songs.

I invited them both out to hotel Maxwell for Ty Brando in the past and played Chick Fil A
with them as well. I can honestly say I’ve been blessed to share the stage with him.

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