Nov 272013

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It’s tough this series is I should have made it 20 like my other ongoing series.
I met so many GREAT writers and people in my years of doing this…I can hardly
decide which to choose for only 10.

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt

My number 7 pick is one I’m SURE you will ALL agree is a GOOD song.
It’s presented well, and well written and it is easy to relate to
if you are a writer.

Marc-Alan Barnette “Tables And Chairs”.

Marc-Alan is a really well educated man here in Nashville and he works with
young and new songwriters and helps them learn this craft better.

He told me once his first night in town he secured a cut with Shelby Lynne.
And he wrote “Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level” for David Ball.

He’s always a super nice guy to run into anywhere and he’s always
willing to give advice.
And he’s a lefty like me!

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