Nov 172013

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I just started this series last week because I wanted to touch on a few songwriters you may have never heard of.
These are mostly songs that have not been cut that I have heard and admired through the years of singing
in “open mic” shows in Nashville.
Some of these songs have been cut by major artists and some have not.

In case you missed the first installment of this series its below on the link.

10.Chris Miller.

This week for number 9 I have chosen one of songwritings greatest treasures Gerald Smith.
The song is “You Play Like Chet”
For years he appeared on one of the longest running syndicated comedy shows Hee Haw known as the “Georgia Quacker”
because he does really funny duck quacking songs.
He has songs cut by Lorrie Morgan (What Part Of No) and Collin Raye (Every Second Every Minute)
and many more.

He is currently a staff writer in Nashville for melody roundup music.
He is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a BS degree in education.
And is also doing gospel music.

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