Nov 132013

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I try not to begin a series type article upon having another active however I couldn’t wait
to begin this series. I feel it needs to be published badly, and now is the time to do so.
Nashville is full of them…songwriters…open mic nights…and songwriter showcases.
It has stages EVERYWHERE, you get off the plane at the airport…there’s a stage.
Hell there used to be a stage at the Kmart on Harding Place!

I have been down here 14 years now, I was adopted at a late age. I have played every
darn place Nashville has. And I have spent years doing open mic writers night and
going to listen to other folks…studying…learning.
Here’s a rule down here: If you cannot enjoy and support OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS
as much as your own…you WILL fail.

Country music has three major “building blocks” that make up it’s foundation.
The writer, The Publisher and the Steel Guitarist.
Those three together (or separate) make up the backbone of country music.

These articles will tell you the story of the artist and post a video
and how to find them and support them if you like what you hear.
IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE! PLEASE do not feel offended and send me a nasty letter
if your song is above/below someone else in “rank” on the list!
Numbers 10 and Number 1 are BOTH EQUALLY good!
With that being said let’s delve into number 10.

Chris Miller: Goodnight Ruthie Wilson Goodnight.

Mr. Chris is from Minnesota and he plays out at songwriter night quite
frequently. He’s actually one of my favorite people to talk with
in the bar settings of Nashville.

The first time I ever heard this song was at Douglas Corner
off Haywood Lane in Nashville. Across from Zanie’s comedy club it is one of the city’s BEST
tuesday night hotspots hosted by Donnie Winters. Donnie and I have been friends for many years.
Mr. Chris is no exception we became friends real quick, and trust me you’ll enjoy his songs.


I like songs that make me paint a mental picture really fast and really well.
I like songs that describe the scenario or event taking place. This song does more
than that. It has comedy and it has darkness, it has a piece of “normal” everyday life to it.
And I had the pleasure of enjoying this song at many many different venues.
You MUST go out and see him play the next chance you get!
The first time I ever heard this song I was quickly captivated by both the lyrics and
the melody of his playing.

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