Tyler Childers Announces A Bunch Of Stuff In 2019.

I got home from work last night (I work third shift) with a plethora of anticipation for the announcement from up and coming powerhouse Tyler Childers, whom by now is already selling out huge amphitheaters in a matter of minutes. It’s been an honor to watch him grow ever since my friends W.B. Walker and my friend J.J. Waters over there at Honky Tonk Heroes turned me onto many years ago.Just because this is my hobby blog (ONLY Mr. Tyler will get that joke) I’m NOT for one second going to fabricate any situation and tell you I FOUND him on my own, or take ANY credit for discovering him. THEY showed his music to ME several years ago, and I merely capitalized on the discovery.

I recall the very first anniversary show for W.B. Walker where I first heard Mr. Tyler Childers on recorded podcast from his couch in a living room. I did my first of many articles about his anniversary show, and you can read that HERE. In fact I am working on my SIXTH one in just a few days I will have that one up for us.I reviewed his show when he opened for the very last Fifth On The Floor show at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington, and that I have released HERE.

I watched him perform at the Basement one time a few years back with Kelsey Waldon and Truckstop Waterfall, that was HERE that I released that article once again.Then, as he moved up the ladder I got to watch him play at the square in beautiful Madisonville Kentucky and I have that article HERE as he played with Shooter and Waymore’s Outlaws.

He has moved up in the musical world so much now that nobody can deny him ANY credit whatsoever in any way, I mean he is selling venues just as fast as mainstream acts that get radio airplay! His 7am announcement was a new video and song release called “House Fire”, and I have embedded that video here for you, and included the Spotify song.

We also have learned that his new album will be called Country Squire and will have 9 tracks, and it will be out on RCA Records. Those 9 tracks are as follows:
1. Country Squire
2. Bus Route
3. Creeker
4. Gemini
5. House Fire
6.Ever Lovin’ Hand
7. Piece Of Mind
8. All Your’n
9. Matthew

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Now if you remember my coverage of last year’s Kickin It On the Creek last year, he played two of those new songs for us called “Gemini” and another called “Bus Route”. I will not divulge into too much of the content of those songs other than they ARE indeed being played LIVE on some of his selected tour dates. I was one of the first media outlets that revealed the names of the new songs.

His solo tour runs until December, and I have a sneaky feeling that we will be seeing him tour with a man that produced his album, now nothing has been officially said regarding that I am just telling you what I feel in my heart…or maybe it’s what I want to believe?

What I DO believe is the fact that you will NEVER SEE Mr. Tyler in another element like Kicki’n It On the Creek, for many reasons. One is because it is on Mr. Byron’s property, which is pretty much like YOUR OWN home. The Roberts family makes us ALL feel like loved ones as we all converge there every September to enjoy music, and neighbors. I promise you that you will NEVER experience a more down home festival than that one.

I do a lot of work for over 200 festivals a year and one of them is the upcoming DelFest this May in Cumberland Md. Mountain Music Festival in West Virginia, ( article to come), Nelsonville Music Festival in Ohio, (article to come), Green River Festival, Tailgates And Tallboys, and the Railbird Festival.

He will then go overseas until October and then run solo dates in decent sized venues until next year. Will he rest or will he embark on an even bigger tour for 2020 to support this new album with another juggernaut that has an album in the can? You know whom I speak of? No? Well….let’s find out…shall we?