Mar 252014

Folks I’m tired as all getout and road weary and
I wouldn’t trade ONE DAMN MINUTE of it.
I’m at Dublin’s Irish Pub for the Urban Pioneers.
I was REALLY GLAD to have Mr. Jared tell me they are already
VINTAGEQUEEN54 is here filming this event go check her
out on youtube.
They just finished up a two week tour after tonight in support of their
first self recorded album with cover art done by one man band Lou Shields.
And YES IT IS available on vinyl SOON!

Dublin’s is a smaller place but the stage was really nice and
the atmosphere was unique.
It’s off state street in the college district of Bowling Green’s
Western Kentucky University.
I did not look or inquire about food options.

First up right now is one member of the Dead Broke Barrons.
Which consists of Seth Sederpedigo, Hunter Colson and Shane Johnson.
I’ll feature them later on for themselves.
He opened his set with a song made more famous by the Carolina Chocolate Drops
called White House blues, which was a banjo song of old that dates
back to civil war era Kentucky.

He played one called ‘Hillbilly Heroin” and it was really
well written.
He played one called “Jolly Rancher” which had a short story
about prison life with it that involved shanks.
He slides really good barre chords and is a hell of a good
There was a second performer and I did not catch his name
or any song titles accept “Crystal Got A Hold On Me” which was
actually VERY cleverly wrote.


FINALLY the set I been REALLY wanting to see for MONTHS NOW!
The Urban Pioneers which consist of Liz Sloan on fiddle and
Jared McGovern on banjo. Also joining them was Keith Roberts
on Bass from the band Call Me Bronco.


I’m fixin to be honest..I was in the men’s room for the first
song and I’m pretty sure the second song was called “Cindy”.
I’m not sure about the title and asked Miss Liz.
But I’ll tell you what..the WHOLE set was GREAT!

They played a song they made a video for “Apparition In The Fog”
And a song about A nutty aunt called “Izzy’s Song” followed by
“Please Give Me A Highway”. Other songs they played were
“My Hometown” and “Lost My Weed Waltz”.


One of my favorite songs they play was “Liz’s Reel”
and “Autumn Time”. You really get to appreciate Liz Sloan’s
talent on those songs.
And honestly I have thought for a LONG time she’s one of most
talented performers Roots Music has!
She has a style you can hear and pick you could
pick out country stars by their voices back in the day.


Jared McGovern has a unique finger picking style on the banjo
that is similar to Phillip Steinmetz who is Grandpa Jones nephew.
I really enjoy his stage presence and together they make a damn fine
And when you add the bass to their music it’s beyond awesome.
When they play with Jayke Orvis I think their instruments will
start smouldering and catch fire!

They played a song about Muddy Roots which is an outdoor music
festival that features roots music twice a year in two states.
I report on both events and you can find out more SOON!
They also played a Wayne The Train Hancock cover “Hwy 54 Took My Girl”
Which is off his second album “Thats What Daddy Wants” produced by
Lloyd Maines.

They closed the show with “Breakin Down” and “Gotta Go”.

As a whole it was a really enjoyable evening with good people
and I had a really good time.
I’d go see them play ANYTIME and you should too.

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