Oct 092013

I’ll say it again and again THIS WEBSITE is to positively promote ALL KINDS of country and bluegrass and some other off shoots of them. Wer’e ALL special in our love of music and our opinions and reasons we love what we love.
In the end we ALL support our music through sharing and word of mouth and money! Hey these guys and gals gotta eat!
ANYBODY that says “musicians aren’t working” havent busted their butts on the computer/phone for 4 hours booking
shows,advertising,loading and unloading,dealing with attorneys,venue owners,payroll…and the list goes on and on!

So with that in mind let me touch on a show that I AM supporting THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at Live True Vintage And Vinyl hosted
by Miss Tammy Pope and ALL her fine crew over there.

 photo 98e2cc94-3044-4c7c-83f3-270d4db9bc16_zpsf06c0188.jpg

Jake Cox and Dag And The Bulleit Boys will be out there performing that night.
We ran a contest the other night to the 15th commenter we gave a FREE PASS to and if they can make it
they are coming from OHIO! If it’s the THOUGHT that counts those people are WAY COOL in my book!
It’s THAT KIND of support that ANY musician needs.
This show is 5 bucks at the door and is BYOB. I for one am chomping at the bit to see the walls of stuff.

Here are some videos of my personal favorite songs from them both in case your’e not familiar with
their music. TRUST ME the friends you’ll meet down there is worth the trip down!

That’s Jake Cox with one of the most well written songs I think that he sings. I have enjoyed his music for a long time now and I met him at a Wayne “the train” Hancock show at FooBar in 2011.

This is Dag And The Bulleit Boys. Now MY FAVORITE song is “Get Up And Fight” but these guys are so many
kinds of music I just absolutely enjoy their videos! Wow I just love all the sounds that come from my speakers!
I just cannot wait to go enjoy myself and enjoy the music!

COME SAY HI TO US ALL. We will write a follow up article with some party photos!

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