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Well folks I gotta add this little bit in..I wrote this on Monday. O’l Brandon Walker
AKA W.B.Walker sent me a preview before it was released to the public.
I want to thank him for ALWAYS thinking of Garyhayescountry.com!
However due to some dashboard problems of my featured image and some
others I couldn’t publish it earlier.

Miss Kasey Littlefield from Blue Ribbon Radio came up with a splendid idea!
Have a drinking game..every time Mr. Brandon says “Hell” or his signature “Aaoowww” have a drink.
I PROMISE you’ll be inebriated early on this Episode 51 of W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show.

This young man from West Virgina quickly became personal friends with me through social media.
I think he messaged me a question about Hank Williams Junior one time and we got to talking
and just became instant GOOD friends.
Iv’e never met him face to face and I’d love nothing more to have him and his wife as

This podcast was his longest ever and I began listening several months ago.
It was a little over three hours and featured LIVE music from Roots Musician
Tyler Childers,Justin Payne and Senora Lainhart and also played music from
TONS of great bands and musicians.
I’ll tell you what THIS MAN turns me onto to a LONG LIST of people and also
is a GOOD WAY to preview some you have heard of and don’t want to run out
and buy..yet.
PLUS he tells you HOW AND WHERE to buy it!
He is passionate about this music just as much as me and THAT is how you can
relate to him so well.
He has character in his voice and I have often called him the “Paul Harvey Of Podcasts”.

Tyler Childers began the show with “Trudy” from Charlie Daniels epic (Epic greatness AND label)
1974 release “Fire On The Mountain”.
And another called “White House Road” that is on his release “Live On Red Bran Radio”.

He played music from The Prison Book Club and Fifth On The Floor.

Tyler Childers and Justin Payne played a REALLY good song called “Rock Salt And Nails”.

Another new to me artist he featured was Miss Hannah Aldridge who played a song
called “Howli’n Bones” off her record called “Razor Wire”.
I HAVE to buy this album..I MUST HAVE IT!
She packed more soul into three minutes than ANYONE I have heard in a while!

He featured Miss Senora Lainhart and she played a song called “Dont Feel Like Dreaming”.
And he played music from Cody J Martin and Patrick Stanley.

Tyler Childers played an AWESOME one called “Nose To The Grindstone” and the tag line
was mind off the pills.
I think Tyler is ONE HELL of a writer and singer, I was REALLY impressed with his
presence on the show and his unique voice.
There were several lines in his songs I really admired from a consumer and writer’s
point of view.
He also played “Virginia Storm” and “Heart Of Stone”.

He played music from Chris Knight who he said does alot for miners
and the coal industry.
Chris played a cover from Robert Earl Keen.

Justin Payne did a REALLY good song about divorce I think it was called
“Papers Are Ready”. But it had a GREAT line in it “Take Back Your Daddy’s Last Name”.

He played NEW Sturgill Simpson called “Living The Dream” and his NEW album
will be out May 14th.
He also played some Ray Wylie Hubbard and Scott H Biram off his 2009 album
“Something’s Wrong And Lost Forever”.
He also played some Lucero and Jimbo Mathis.

Tyler Childers played “Harvest” off his first album.

He also played ANOTHER person that Joshua Morningstar turned me onto
Matt Woods. He and Matt are out playing dates for the Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

I’m telling you I had to listen FIVE TIMES to absorb the full show.
I highly suggest you check out this FINE podcast and let’s help him
achieve ANOTHER year of GREAT roots music!

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