Mar 082014

Well sunday morning came down..but not like the Kris Kristofferson song.
I wasn’t hung over…the rain was coming down. A huge winter storm was
rearing it’s nasty head over the south.
It was gloomy and raining lightly and was supposed to freeze later
that night. I packed up again and stopped for breakfast and headed
down to the Limelight to once again pay my respects to his family.

It was a nice large venue VERY nice! Heck it even had a bathroom
attendant. And the food was VERY good we enjoyed it very much
We made our way to the VIP area and sat with Guy Nix, whom is a
very good Nashville Songwriter. Go check him out..he’s good.


The first act was Brian Randle and Southern Justice.
Brian is really good I really relate to his past easily.
His band Southern Justice contained members of the
Amazing Rhythm Aces and Kentucky Linemen.
Anybody who likes country music was influenced in some fashion by
the Rhythm Aces…whether they know it or not.
They are still somewhat active today.

They came out ON FIRE with full blown guitar assaults on
the audience. With covers like “Aint Living Long Like This”
that Waylon cut and Rodney Crowell wrote and “Call Me The Breeze
from Lynrd Skynrd.
They had some really powerful and moving original tunes as well
with one being “Good Drugs” and another being ‘More Than Brothers
Wer’e Blood”.


The second act was Good Dawg which consists of Chris ‘The Moondog” Hall
from Loiusville Ky and John Goode from Ocala Florida.
They are an acoustic duo that combined their talents and they
covered ‘Outlaw Women” that was wrote and performed by Hank Williams Jr.
on the 1979 album “whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”.
They also had a good original song called ‘I Can Do Better Than That”.

They then brought up Pete Berwick, Billie Gant, Don “Poobah’ Mealer
Vernon Rust (and son) and Guy Nix.


Pete Berwick is an awesome acoustic entertainer and he tells a lot of
funny and politically incorrect jokes and plays a harmonica in his act.
And he gives off a ‘normal guy vibe” and it makes you relate to
him. He’s a real deal performer and author and he works very hard
at what he does. He did “Ain’t No Train Out Of Nashville” among others.

Billie Gant has been leading the Vigilantes for many years now.
He’s been playing deep within America’s Honky Tonks for more
years than I have been alive.
He has a common respect for me and I was flattered to have achieved that
from whom I consider a country legend.
He played “Stop Fn Up Country Music’ which is becoming an underground anthem
within this music scene.
he also played the ballad of Rueben Dixon.

Don Poobah Mealer is a great songwriter and I always enjoy seeing him perform.
He played ‘Theres A Hole In the Sky Where The Sun Used To Be’.
He’s had cuts from Patty Loveless and many more.

Vernon Rust was someone I was looking forward to seeing and it was starting
to get downright nasty outside..I was in good company and had my phone off.
I turned it on to have several calls “Gary..get home it’s freezing”.
Vernon Rust had had a ton of cuts in the years and had his son with him
playing banjo. he did several songs from his catalog.


Guy Nix has a huge influence in songwriting here in Nashville.
I know his father has contributed a lot to country music and
one day I need to sit with him and listen to his teachings.
It’s how you become a better country music fan.
people often ask HOW do I get more knowledgeable in country music
(not that I’m smarter than anyone else) and I tell them ASK, LISTEN and STUDY.
If you truly love it like I do then ASK.

I started to worry about the rain. It wasn’t freezing in Nashville
but further up north it was becoming nasty fast.
I decided to wait for the next set. I REALLY wanted to see
J.B.Beverley play, it always happens some way or another I miss his show.

The next set was James Austin, Chris Gantry, Tom Ghent, and RC Oleary.
and for their set I was outside on the phone trying to figure out the weather
and what I needed to do, leave early and feel bad or get a room and go home
Monday. I had to work Monday so I decided to stay a little longer and
venture home early.

I want to say outright that Chris Gantry is one of Outlaw Country Music’s
greatest treasures. HE IS Outlaw Country Music as far as I’m concerned.
And to me he’s like Freddy Powers and Billy Don Burns, overlooked and
He has given Nashville a lot to look up to in his long career and
he has more stories than Mother Goose. And ALL of them are true
in every way.

Tom Ghent is another underappreciated Country Music Songwriting Legend.
Who has done songs for Bobby Bare and many more Country Music legends.
Gene Watson, Nat Stucky and many more.
I have a great deal of love and respect for all these people.
They are heros to me.

I rushed in to try and catch the rest of their set and I plan to
run future articles on these gentlemen and their work.
You my readers NEED to get the opportunity to find out
more about these people.


Then Sarge did what what we all came together to see and do.
Celebrate the life and legacy of Wayne Mills.
He unveiled the Wayne Mills Memorial Award which will take the
place of the Torch carrier award.
My friend Kenneth Marr did a wonderful job on the artwork for this
award and I’m so proud of him.
It truly was a heartfelt tribute to a wonderful man and Outlaw performer.
I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.
They let his son hold the award as well and let us all take pictures.

The show moved on and a band I have been wanting to see and feature
came on..Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat.
His dad in back on drums was an exceptional drummer!
They played an original called ‘Shake My Family Tree” and they
also had an enormous guitar assault on us!
They did an awesome cover of ‘Devil Went Down To Georgia” and
THEN…THEN I think they did one of the highlights of what I saw!
They did a HEAVY cover of “Sixteen Tons’ that Merle Travis wrote
and Tennessee Ernie Ford made famous.


And sadly when J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill got to come
out and play “Get The Wheels Rolling” off his new album
“Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label
I was packing up to leave. It was absolutely treacherous
north and east of town.
The rain was inches deep in ice and snow was heaping on top
and freezing on top.
He began playing Wayward Drifters songs in his set and I
was upset I had to leave.

The rest is history……I’ll have to read someone else’s
account of what transpired.

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