Oct 272013

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I want to THANK ALL OF YOU, the readers the bands the venues the people that represent them!
cause without YOU I would not be here in this hotel room typing this post in preparation
for the party yet to come.

Miss Kara THANK YOU for allowing me to launch during your set, you have no fear in your heart
to record the music that comes from that fearless heart…whomever likes or dislikes it.
You bow to NO Industry standard or status quo. YOU ARE a true Outlaw, and I’m glad
I’m allowed to be a fan!

ALL OF you that made the Outlaws and Icons festival possible need to be loved on and commended
for even starting this deal for this man in need. The brotherhood of music and the fact that
we take care of our own is enough for me to devote my life to this cause….country music.
ALL TYPES of music. But country has been the kindest to me personally.
It has rehabilitated me and brought me up as a youth when I was neglected at home.
I been on the dark side of the spoon.


I make you my readers A PROMISE: I will NEVER EVER report hatefull or mean
information or negative comments about ANY artist. Even the ones I personally don’t like.
WHY?…. Because you can get that at other outlets of media. And who am I to judge YOUR album
YOU busted YOUR butt to record?
I will NEVER “go to war” with an artist or a venue or any person on this website.
I’m here for you to LEARN and DISCOVER….AND BUY their products.
THEY LIVE ON YOUR DOLLARS, not theirs! YOU are their food on the table, nothing is free.

I don’t like pop country, but instead of bitching I’m out FIGHTING this deal.
And I cannot do this alone…I NEED YOU! Yeah YOU reading this…I need your help.

Let’s go keep this deal alive.
Honor Thy Music

Gary Hayes

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