Jul 032021

I receive an unlimited supply of new album material to listen to, and trust me I listen to everything that is coming across my desk, or sent to my mailbox. I have hundreds of different public relations companies that send me a “heads up” to many bands, and work with me on many of the 275 festivals we deal with on a yearly basis.

Very few times am I completely  blown away, like I am right now on this album from so many different aspects. The musicianship is absolutely unrivaled in a bluegrass album in 2021 so far. Maybe the new Henhouse Prowlers, or the Rhonda Vincent album would beat this one here.

The website and press release said this: “This album is an outstanding musical art collaboration with the musicians and vocalists that banjo player, builder, songwriter and studio engineer, Steve Wilson, has created with a large group of artists he has worked directly with in the industry.”

“You will enjoy performances from original touring band members, Sarah Logan, Joey Newton, Michael “Porkchop” Branch, as well as Michael Cleveland, Shawn Lane, Richard Bennett, Dale Ann Bradley, Clay Hess, Dale Perry, Deanie Richardson, Alan Bibey, Gena Britt and many more”. “There is also a recording of a song recorded across the borders with musician friends in Germany”.

This album begins with a mid paced traditional sounding poignant tale of a place back in the hollers, that is inhabited by ghosts of those that were killed there. Stories of lynch mobs and crows abound this opening song “When The Crow Comes Down”. This song was actually written by acoustic guitar powerhouse lady Miss Jordan Rainer, and she alone has some amazing music…check her out as well.

If you are a Bluegrass buff like I am, you’ll recognize the song “Midnight On The Highway” from the iconic 1979 self named album from the band Hot Rize. They do such a unique, and wonderful job on that song, that comparing the two would be futile.  The blazing solos alone make their version stand out and shine, but it’s how wonderful the harmonies are from the band that make it so enjoyable.

“Colors Of My Life” is another song that has a terrific vocal delivery, with an uplifting Christian message as most all Bluegrass bands have in common. But I’ll be honest..the high point of the album for me was the song called “Just A Few More Miles”.  This song was every bit of one of the finest Bluegrass songs to my liking in 2021, and I was pleasantly surprised with the entire album.

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