Mar 142014



I’ll start promoting this on March 14th..I have been chosen by the folks at Sony
Records to BE THE ONLY PLACE you can WIN A FREE COPY of Ronnie Milsap
Summer Number Seventeen on the day I give it out.

“Ronnie Milsap, six-time Grammy-winning icon, releases Summer Number Seventeen
tomorrow – a homage to the various styles of music that shaped his singularly bluesy
take on modern country, the 12 song collection is defined by his instinctive keyboard
playing and soulful vocals. Pick up Summer Number Seventeen tomorrow”
You can learn MORE about the album HERE.
So YOU CAN purchase this album March 18th if you want ORRRRRR….
Drumroll please….WIN IT HERE!

On March 22nd I will give out FIVE FREE COPIES of the album..I’ll announce

I’d like to personally thank The label and Ronnie Milsap for allowing me
to do this contest.

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