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Hello again folks from the 2015 festival series that I have run on this site for two years now, holy man what a truly wonderful spring of festivals that have occurred in my area. I covered one fully and one partly and I have quite a few more planned in 2015. Now in 2016 I plan to expand my website coverage into more of these festivals I haven’t been to yet and I shall be sponsoring more of them.

I have a whole new list for the middle of 2015 and into the fall and as they contacted me and I planned this series I had them all mapped out according to time they occurred and I’m doing this in two parts. Welcome to part two as I begin it with the 20th Annual Goose On the Lake which happens on June 5th and 6th in Allerge Kentucky. This festival is relatively close to my house and easy for me to get to however I have only been there for a short time and I have never fully covered the festival.

Friday, June 5
5:00 PM – Kentucky Harvest
6:00 PM – The Dirty Dandelions
7:30 PM – Marty Brown
9:15 PM – New old Cavalry
Saturday, June 6
3:30 PM – Big Nancy
4:30 PM – Benny Skyn
5:30 PM – Frank Hudson
6:30 PM – Harvey Cameron Band
8:00 PM – Raelyn Nelson Band
9:30 PM – Vessel

As we all know this festival was begun in 1995 by Lloyd Settle and his friends and was supposed to be a one time event attended by about 75 people and it featured the band Goose Creek Symphony. And now 20 years later here we have this wonderful event that has been brought out to the limelight more by the live recording of Waymore’s Outlaws from this event.

This is one of the more reasonably priced festivals boasting only a 60 dollar pass fee and you can purchase them HERE. And on this article I’ll be adding some hotel locations for the Russellville area, which is very close to my own home.

Comfort Inn

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