Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies



Out there in Union City Indiana Donnie Wymer (AKA Flat Broke Donnie) is slowly building an empire in his community. I for one think he’s a proud dad as his daughter Mallory Wymer plays and has an album too. He is always sharing pictures of her and bragging to us about her and by God he should! I mean what else is there in being friends than the joy of watching young people usher into a new generation of our roots and our music. When YOU die what legacy will YOU leave behind? Will YOUR child say my daddybelieved in me and supported me and I love the music he left me to enjoy?
This edition of music festivals is kind of personal because I think he’s a hell of a guy.

Now, this is Crooked Smile Music Festival and folks much like some other festivals there is only 200 tickets for sale! SO GET ONE NOW! You can purchase one HERE for only 60 dollars for two days. This will take place April 24th and 25th at the Circle X Ranch in Winchester Indiana. Damn folks this is a really impressive lineup and a really impressive offer for only 60 bucks. So here is the 2015 line up.

Possesed By Paul James
Joseph Huber
The Hooten Hollars
Filthy Still
Billy Cook
My Graveyard Jaw
Drew Landry
Ten Foot Polecats
Rory Kelly
Call Me Bronco
Lou Shields
The Drunken Cuddle
Matthew Mule McKinley
Jailhouse Poets
Joshua Morningstar
Owen Mays
Jimmy Swope
Mickey And The Snakeoil Boys
Rickett Pass
Mallory Wymer
Kern Richards

Now for the folks like me that cannot camp there is a really nice and affordable hotel just down the road from the festival and you can find out more information about it HERE.
So if I learn any more information about this festival I’ll add it on here. I DO UPDATE these occasionally so you need to keep checking on this.

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