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Well folks IT IS TIME to catch up with 2015 music festivals. Sadly music festival attendance has been low this year and I truly think that people don’t go out and do stuff anymore. Social media has pretty much ruined local music shows and it’s a bother to invite friends over nowadays. You cannot ask people to pay 10 bucks for a cover for a band or offer FREE FOOD they are NOT responsive.

This summer the city of Nashville is getting two BIG MAJOR festivals and this one Ink N Iron Nashville is coming from the California area. This year they are running a six stage outdoor festival which will commence on august 6-9th 2015. Folks I’m not going to lie this is a big big deal here with Merle Haggard headlining along with metal bands and MORE! I know it’s not country but I’ll add links for ALL the acts on here for my readers that like more than country…like I do. This is the very first time they have come to Nashville and I heard they are intending to make this an annual event.


NOW before I go into the lineups or stage itineraries I will copy several things from their website that is NOT ALLOWED! Folks this isn’t your small local friendly field like other festivals this is big time corporate stuff:
Rain or Shine. * Line-up subject to change. * All patrons subject to search. * STUDS WILL BE ALLOWED. NO SPIKES or sharp edges, cans or bottles, alcoholic beverages, coolers or food or drinks, weapon(with or without a permit) sticks, balls, bats, chains or clubs, blow horns, balloons, bikes, skateboards, pens, markers, umbrellas, lawn chairs, small stadium seat or low back chairs!, No video equipment, squirt or water guns, unauthorized vending, concessions, merchandise, literature of promotions, no animals. (so if you act like one, we will kick you out)

*Please note lineup is subject to change. Tickets cannot be refunded due to artist change/cancellation.

So folks let’s talk about the lineups and I have the stage schedules for you, this will be a challenge for me to cover multiple stages at once. So my plan is to study the lineup and layout of the stages and see how quick I can flip from one act to another quickly. I might be able to partially cover two acts that play simultaneously together.



Now Thursday night is the pre-show evening, where Merle Haggard will perform for two hours and also tell stories. This portion of the event will be held in Bicentennial Mall Park in downtown Nashville. Also performing on the Thursday bill is
Hayes Carll
Asleep At The Wheel
The Quebe Sisters

On the Friday portion of the show Merle Haggard will once again perform an allotted one hour set along with (see above schedule for performance times):

Reverend Horton Heat
Shooter Jennings And Waymore’s Outlaws
Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
W.S. “Fluke” Holland
Stan Perkins
Strung Like A Horse
Cigar Store Indians
Danny B Harvey
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
The Melody Joy Bakers
Laura Benitez And The Heartache
The Tremors
Randall Clay
Duane Mark
Chantilly Lace Vincent
Rob Snyder
The Reverend Red
Eight O Five Jive
Ray Collins Hot Club
Si Cranstoun
Stompy Jones
Slim Jenkins
Straight 8’s



The Saturday portion of the festival is one with more heavy metal than Country but like I said I shall include the links for the entire festival here (See above schedule for performance times):

Suicidal Tendencies
Nashville Pussy
Mariachie El Bronx
Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
Sleepy Labeef
Carl Mann
W.S. “Fluke” Holland
Rayburn Anthony
Stan Perkins
Alton And Jimmy
The 69 Cats
Koffin Kats
Hola Ghost
Alex Vargas
Jinx Jones
Los High Tops
Justin Gee
Miss Lonely Hearts
Josh Hi Fi Sorheim
A Man Called Stu
Sarah Gayle Meech
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
The Strumms
Hot Rod Walt And The Psycho Devilles
Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Peace Love And Stuff

I MUST ADMIT there are so many bands on these lists I have heard of and NEVER heard of and one really good thing is this event is from the west coast. What makes that good is that they are bringing quite a few of the west coast bands over to my area, the west coast boasts bands like Three Bad Jacks and Big Sandy And The Fly Rite I’m excited about this happening.



The last day of the event will be Sunday (See above schedule for performance times).

Wanda Jackson
Jim Lauderdale
Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears
Billy Joe Shaver
J.M. Van Eaton
The Bronx
J C Brooks And The Uptown Sound
Hopeless Jack And The Handsome Devils
The Hot Club
The Hubcap Stealers
Kiti Gartner
The Red Honey
Doug C And The Blacklisted
Three Times Bad
The Punknecks
Rayburn Anthony
Carl Mann
Sleepy Labeef
Switchblade 3
Son Little
Lindi Ortega
Georgia English
Hillbilly Mardi Gras
Caleb Warren And The Perfect Gentlemen

OK SO NOW you want the damage report on ticket prices right? Well I’ll tell you what this one is pretty dern reasonable to be honest. HERE is your link to your options and your choices. General admission lawn spots are 35 a day and 130 for the whole weekend (which is what I bought). I’d rather go backstage during a smaller setting show and meet people.

There are OVER 6,000 parking spots in Nashville and over 500 hotels in the Nashville area and I didn’t think I needed to post that portion of the usual information. However if I find any deals I’ll post updates to this one! Right now I’m just busy trying to figure out HOW I’ll cover all this…SEE YOU DOWN THERE!

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