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I been keeping track of The Last Honky Tonk Music Series as best as I can…I must call Miss Brigitte soon and get some more scoop on the series and I will have my updated article up as soon as I can.
Meanwhile CHECK THIS OUT the Last Honky Tonk Music Series is having an outdoor festival in Texas at Pivo’s Ice House in Fayetteville between Austin and Houston.

I’ll tell you what I have seen some of these artists and some I have not yet but as this year completes some financial happenings for me I can travel more in 2016. This series and all the friends I have made are making me want to come to Texas more and more for sure. This weekend Dallas Moore is releasing his NEW album “Dark Horse Rider” at Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky where the whole series launched. We had a BLAST up there with all the great

Once again it comes out in droves for this first time outdoor festival hosted by one of MY favorite Radio voices Gordon Ames or Big G as they call him. Every time I am up early I always try to catch his show online. I attended a festival last year that he hosted and we had a really good time together he is a very nice man and his wife is awesome. I enjoyed Daryl Wayne Dasher’s set at the national launch and have been meaning to buy his album on vinyl I need to become more familiar with his set and Kyle Wilson’s as well.

Brigitte London doesn’t know it but she has a secret admirer and he’s writing this article. She’s awesome and she always has a spot in my CD playlist. One of her songs really hits me and inspires me when I feel weak it’s just the way she sings it that makes it better than the original singer. She’s got a very pretty voice and she is a very hard working road musician, playing a ton of shows all year long. I miss her around Nashville and would take off work to come see her if I had to..Carrie Underwood has NOTHING on her she’s better looking by far and just as talented.

So on Saturday April 25th at 11 AM you can pay 28 for the one day event or buy advance tickets for 20 on this Link Here. Here’s more from their website:

Acoustic & Full Band Performances with some LHTMS artists sharing stage together as is the custom with many of our shows. This will be an event unlike any other. LHTMS will have several Fests in 2015, this is our first Official large scale event. Pivo’s is the perfect place. Great Outdoor Stage, Food & Specialty Vendors and Honky Tonk Heroes past and present come together.

Hosted by Gordon Ames (Big G)
Matt Mathis
Manzy Lowry
Jeff Hopson
Teri Joyce and the Tagalongs
Craig Gerdes
Christopher Corkery
Brook Faulk
Daryl Wayne Dasher
Hal Bruni
MoonDawg Hall
Kyle Wilson
Jill Kinsey
Brigitte London
Billy Don Burns
Billy Joe Shaver
Dallas Moore Band
& More!

There will be an OPEN Outdoor Pickin’ Party Hosted by Brigitte London & Monndawg Hall FRI evening from 7pm – ?!!) Free & Open to All.
I spent a lot of time with Hal Bruni and I tell you what he is the real deal folks, and you better feel like eating cause the man eats and cooks and cooks and eats. These guys KNOW how to party when the time comes and they know how to be friends, most of that above list of performer links I know and love.

I don’t just write these articles for a spare hobby…I live the music. And I live through all of the people I met
through music. I’m an addict, recovered but I’ll always be an addict and I’m proud to be alive and I can enjoy this music with all these people. They have no idea how much it means to me to get to write about them and what they do.

Billy Joe Shaver and Billy Don Burns both raised me with their music and what they produced.
I didn’t have a childhood I hid in my room and played records and drank.
They were both very overlooked songwriters and they both did a lot for Country Music in many ways. This is certainly an event not to miss…..

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