Moonrunners Music Festival

So folks as promised and I have been releasing the teaser ads on Facebook for ALL the 2015
festival lineups I have this early spring event brought to you by the Galaz brothers
AKA Muddy Roots Music.

It all started back in 2010 in a field in Cookeville Tennessee and I remember there was only about 40 people there, and since then this event and organization has SKYROCKETED and helped propel SO MUCH music into a more larger gathering.

Now I will tell you this NO OTHER festival does what this one does..it breaks barriers and
goes out of it’s way TO REMOVE ITSELF from ANY “label” or “Scene” or “Genre”.
Hell they book and feature EVERYONE from Little Jimmy Dickens to string bands (Like The Tillers) to punk based roots bands like Last False Hope and bands that really cannot be placed anywhere like Hangdog Hearts…he’s just a good musician.

Early spring Mr. Jason contacted me and told me some ideas he was tossing around
about an INDOOR event featuring ONLY 40’s and 50’s style Rockabilly music.
Well, he has made this idea come to life and frankly I’m absolutely beyond excited
to see this happen for TWO reasons.
ONE, he is a great example of how hard work and being a dreamer and a risk taker can
pan out. It’s an example of American Dreams and ANYONE can achieve their dreams if
they try and work hard at it.
TWO, THIS EVENT will bring some REALLY good music to a MUCH larger scale and quite
frankly I cannot wait to see a Muddy Roots Music banner hanging at Opryland!

Your’e damn right I said it…this event will come to you LIVE May 1st and 2nd
at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel And Convention Center RIGHT HERE in Nashville Tennessee.
And THIS my dear readers…THIS IS the official article for this event on my website.
Now there WILL be other “side articles” and side coverage after I figure out my game plan.
I’ll be adding some REALLY helpful information to this article almost weekly so KEEP READING IT.

So if you click on the above purple link it will take you to the Opryland hotel
for room booking and of course you can book a room there at a reduced rate
considering there are any left. I’m not informed of availability of the remaining
rooms at the hotel at this time.
Rooms are generally $269 a night in this fancy pants joint but they are giving our attendees HALF OFF!
Only $139 plus fees. Book them through our website to get the deal.
So hey how about a list of OTHER hotels within a ten minute drive to the Convention Center
so you can enjoy this event?

Club Hotel Nashville Inn And Suites
Country Inn And Suites Opryland North
Best Western Opryland
Holiday Inn Express Opryland
Airport Super 8 Opryland
Courtyard Nashville

And hey I’m finding out more hotels daily cause I personally live really close
so I’ll be OUT IN THE AREA digging up MORE information for you!
I PROMISE YOU I WILL BEAT any other website’s coverage of this event, I’ll be HARD AT IT.

So now that you know WHERE and WHAT this is…let’s take a look at WHO is performing
and then I’ll link you to HOW to get tickets.
Here’s a list of performers that WILL HAVE full links to their names by this week.
Like I said I’ll be working on this coverage A LONG TIME!

The Paladins
Big Sandy And His Fly Rite Boys
James Intveld
Don Maddox Of The Maddox Brothers And Rose
Johnny Powers
Hillbilly Casino
Nikki Hill
The Bellfuries
Art Adams
Chris Scruggs
Sonny Burgess And The Pacers
Greg Garing
Chris Casello
Pearls Mahone
The Frantic Rockers
The Rhythm Shakers
Rosie Flores
The Buzz Jumpers
Danny B. Harvey
The B Stars
DJ Junior Of Rockabilly Radio
Col. Paco Chaos
DJ Stuart Sanders
James Riley
Woody Pines
Bloodshot Bill
Molly Sue Gonzales

The Opryland Hotel, home to the Grand Ole Opry and WSM 650 am broadcasting station has opened their arms wide to the people of Muddy Roots. It is the largest non gaming resort in the country with 3 massive atriums, multiple indoor pools, many ballrooms, an Irish pub and a Jack Daniel’s bar. Let’s not forget about the General Jackson paddle boat that heads up the Cumberland to downtown Nashville with live music!

Here’s how to buy tickets CLICK HERE.

ALSO like I said there WILL BE some “Side Articles” I used this plan of attack in October at
another festival and it worked and was received rather well…so..right now I got THREE
side articles planned for you guys! TWO OF THEM will be announced on my FACEBOOK PAGE Friday night November 21st.

Folks right now there’s SO MUCH MORE to come on this event I cannot even BEGIN to tell
you how BIG this event will be.
As a fan of music I’m excited and eager, as a Muddy Roots fan I’m grateful it’s FINALLY
getting recognition from the Opry.
Muddy Roots has always supported my little website here so it’s our time once again to
support them.

I’ll be honest folks a lot of these bands and artists I have run into before. Some I
missed like the Buzz Jmupers and Greg Garing. Greg has had Andy Gibson playing steel guitar for him several times. Andy has left Hank 3 and has been producing some really good albums right now in Nashville.


Folks the schedule has been announced and I have my plans made to cover things. I have side articles planned to cover and I have my bands all planned out. This will be a really FUN TIME on the website and new opportunities
for me. Stay tuned fore MORE updates on here.!

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