So this project involves so many people and I hope I get all this correct because I am REALLY excited about this and I think it will be a REALLY valuable component to local and underground music. About three nights ago I got this in my mailbox from Lou Shields up in Kansas. He along with several other roots music artists are selling these magazines at their merchandise booths for donation basis.

Folks this is American Roots Magazine. And Mr. Jody Hendrix is the Editor In Chief. They are based out of Kansas City Mo. I contacted their Advertising Editor Miss Tammy and she provided me with the add for the sidebar. NICE isn’t it? Now right now they aren’t honoring home subscriptions in hand but only on PDF file but this WILL SOON change!
Trust me this magazine will be going through some positive changes soon in that aspect. In the information department I hope they do not change! It’s chocked full of good stuff and I’ll be telling you about it.

There are (right now) seven bands that will be distributing this magazine in hard copy and they are:
Joshua Morningstar
The Hangdog Hearts
Lou Shields
The Urban Pioneers
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters

Right now you can get issue NUMBER ONE at their shows merchandise booths. This project is also started by The Westport Saloon which is Kansas premiere venue for Roots music in their area. Little Class Records is the other co founder company behind this. They all got together to bring us this DAMN FINE resource for music.

There is a GREAT article about Webber’s Deck performances by Hillgrass Bluebilly’s own Possessed By Paul James and it was some really terrific coverage of his 2014 performance there.His latest release ‘There will Be Nights When I’m Lonely” was indeed a stellar album.
There is SO MUCH useful information in these pages about all sorts of DIY labels and festivals like Muddy Roots Music of which I am VERY supportive of and have been since day 1.Good O’l boy Records out there being run by in Colorado is another that is talked about.

You can get information about The Devil Makes Three from a great article wrote by Jason H Buchanan from Nashville Tn. I found it to be VERY informative and I enjoyed his writing, it’s been a while since I talked with him and it was nice to hear from him while getting information about this project.

Now you may remember last year when I released how to send cards to Wayne “The Train” Hancock who last year was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. He talks about his most recent album “Ride”. And now this current tour he is on is adding a steel guitarist and I’m excited about that…REALLY excited!

All in All I shall be writing more articles in the future on their behalf and I strongly urge you to
run out and pursue this copy in your hands NOW! You’ll learn SO MUCH form this wonderful magazine.

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