Just a few years ago at Muddy Roots we heard two NEW songs from powerhouse Kansas based band Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy. Now this week they have their NEW album dropping July 4th called “Gnosis”. Now OF COURSE I have the real low down on the new album with all the bells and whistles you need to get a good taste of this long awaited new album.

It’s been a while since Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy put out a new album, and I understand as of now they have a new lineup along with other features. This new song puts a judgmental spin on the rich and powerful in today’s society, in the end we will ALL end up six feet deep the same. WHO BETTER to be the bringers of death and torture than Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy?

From their newsletter:

We’re happy to announce (to newsletter subscribers first) that our first album in 5 years will be available on July 4 on CD and digital download. Gnosis, our third original album, is a 6 track concept EP that is intended to be listened through in full. In this age of singles, we wanted to put out a concept album. However, we’re also in the age of short attention spans. This 24 minute work journeys through aggressive acoustic sounds, existential vocal themes, and ethereal improv transitions in a digestable length that we hope will get you excited for what’s next. Since we shortened this concept album, we will be releasing a follow up EP(next year hopefully). So keep your eye out on social media and streaming sites for the new albums! You can check out our webstore for this release and new the new merch associated with it

Carrie Nation was a highly noted radical member of the Temperance Movement of the early 1900’s that opposed alcohol before the United States passed prohibition. She was most noted for being active in the Kansas area, where this band is based from. She was noted for attacking places that served adult beverages with a hatchet, and always had a bible in tow.

She also opposed tight clothing on women, violently against corsets and other garments that she viewed as sexually damaged women. She later officially registered her first name as CARRY as well as Carrie, to identify her name as Carry A Nation, which she believed she was doing.

Often attacking taverns with her hatchet with her local branch of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union based out of Medicine Lodge Kansas, and campaigning for the enforcement of the ban on the sale of liquor.

So THERE is a little bit on info on the meaning of this band’s name, and where they got their name from. There WILL BE MORE on this album later in the week from me, here is a track listing of the album:

  1. Rumpletum
  2. Bowels And Constants
  3. All Men Created Equal
  4. We All Believe
  5. Trismegistus
  6. Gnosis

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