If you look upon the website of young Colter Wall you will see it says SOPHOMORE ALBUM.Well, in all honesty major media all but ignored his first album Imaginary Appalachia..smaller websites like mine DID NOT. It made my TOP albums of it’s release year, as will this one I’m sure! And upon delving further into this article you will find out just WHY IT WILL.

I have a tON of news to tell you about this young man from Canada, WHY…BECAUSE HE WORKS HIS ASS OFF! This article here he performed sick, just getting over some BAD flu. Mr. Jason Simpson his bassist said they had to carry him into the E.R. because he was relentlessly working to pour his heart into his music FOR YOU.

Mr. Colter doesn’t care about being famous and prestigious, he wants to share his soul with you. he wants to take YOU BACK in time to a world of pistoleers and cowboys. Not only does he want to go back in time, he wants to show you that this way of life STILL EXISTS.

You know despite his father being a politician for a career, you won’t find many politics in his music, like you will Mr. Jason Isbell or others, and that’s fine. What you WILL FIND is warmth and passion for history, and a simple way of life. Poignant lyrics, master songwriting skills and stories of the days of old…all emanating from a man in his 20’s.

I’m going to begin with last weekend as I went to downtown Madisonville Kentucky for the Friday Night Live Series hosted by the city itself and Independence Bank. They REALLY go all out for this with food trucks and a playground for the kids to play, and many activities for everybody. Also they have a jumbo tron television for those that wanted to stay in the back of the pavilion, which is a BEAUTIFUL setup for a stage. The only negative thing I could say is the group of wanna be one per center bikers that are supposedly “security” make it an unpleasant time with the way they conduct themselves.

This was a truly wonderful show tonight, that almost got rained out with an impending storm. Luckily the storm decided to wait until later that night to strike the area, however the ambiance set a really fun mood for Mr. Colter’s set later on.

This show began with a artist I haven’t covered yet, so let’s expose him to you readers now, shall we? This none other than Mr. Andy Brasher and I wanted to THANK his merch department for the stuff, it made this job SO EASY.

His set began with a song you can find on his Brasher Bogue albums called “By God” (the albums are part 1 and part 2). The set went right into his song “Crows And Buzzards” from his 2009 album of the same name, which in my opinion was a really great song!

His style was defiantly different and all his own here, and he displayed some pretty good musicianship. Numerous guitars and harmonicas adorned his lyrics tonight as he shared songs like ” The Devil” pulled from the 2010 album Last Of Our Kind.

He has a new album coming out soon, it was mixed in Los Angeles he stated and he did play some new songs from that album, including other songs like “Outlaw” and another called ‘Just So You Know”. His set DID include some covers like Mr. Tyler Childers “White House Road”, and a Leonard Cohen song called “Hallelujah” .

He closed his set with a new song off the above mentioned album called “Checkbook” and now folks we will be in touch with Mr. Andy soon to talk about this new album forthcoming.

There is a LOT of news to report to you about Mr. Colter Wall as of now, new leg of a fall tour FRESH OFF a newly recorded album with legendary producer Mr. Dave Cobb. He is a part of the upcoming Loud And Heavy Texas festival hosted by Mr. Cody Jinks in his own hometown…on his birthday.

He is a part of SO MANY festivals that I could name right now, but I won’t..I’ll go right into his set which began with his lone acoustic set. He stood lone and stalwart up front center like he owned the place, In time I knew for certain he would grow accustomed to being in the center of attention.

He began with an old traditional song called “Ol Paint” , and went right into new material, with something I adore VERY MUCH..A story behind the song. It seems in Canada, where he is from there was a man named John Beyers that had a trouble buddy. Apparently they drove matching camaro cars, and got into a big fight, one of them drew a .22 and filled the other car full of holes. It truly was a terrific tale of rabble rousing and outlaw life.

He played my favorite song off my favorite album from 1973 “Red Headed Stranger” by Willie Nelson, and as he finished that it was extremely fitting that a train whistle bellowed it’s lonesome sound, and he introduced another new song called “The Trains Are Gone” from his NEW album called “Songs Of The Plains” that you can pre order a deluxe vinyl package right here.

Then he ushered out his band for the song “Thirteen Silver Dollars”as he usually does in true fashion. And join him they certainly do for an entire evening of Country Music. They gave the entire community an evening they cannot forget, as he wove tales of old western stories, like one of my favorites he sings the cryptic murder ballad “Kate McCannon”.

Right as he began the opening lines of Kate McCannon the incoming summer storm rolled in to his left ( our right) and lightning flashed and filled the sky with colors as the accompanying train whistles set the mood for the song. I wish he could have realized what was transpiring as he delivered the song.

“Motorcycle” was included in his set as was THIS GEM HERE called the “Calgary Roundup” and he released a video for this song I have also embedded that here. This song was penned by Canadian Western singer Wilf Carter in the 1960’s.

He went right into “Me And Big Dave”off his recent self titled album that garnered so much mainstream attention last year. Many of the songs from that album were included from that album like the song “You Look To Yours” which featured his well oiled machine band here tonight. Mr. Pat Lyons on steel and Mr. Jason Simpson on bass.

He also played a VERY GOOD cover version of “Big Balls In Cowtown” followed by his closing song called “sleeping On The Blacktop”. You know one of the fine things about his version of cover songs is the way he bends the notes to fit his own unique style of western twang. Now, this next video is another release off the new album called ‘Plain To See Palinsman”.


I also have some news to report about his fall tour here as he heads out to support this upcoming album, GET OUT and support this man’s awesome show folks. Here is a tracklist of the new album:

The full track list to Colter Wall’s Songs of the Plains:

1. “Plain to See Plainsman” (written by Colter Wall)
2. “Saskatchewan In 1881” (written by Colter Wall)
3. “John Beyers (Camaro Song)” (written by Colter Wall)
4. “Wild Dogs” (written by Billy Don Burns)
5. “Calgary Round-Up” (written by Wilf Carter)
6. “Night Herding Song” (Cowboy Traditional)
7. “Wild Bill Hickok” (written by Colter Wall)
8. “The Trains are Gone” (written by Colter Wall)
9. “Thinkin’ on a Woman” (written by Colter Wall)
10. “Manitoba Man” (written by Colter Wall)
11. “Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail” (Cowboy Traditional)



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