Folks this afternoon I spoke with my friend and Country Music Legend Glenn Douglass Tubb about everything from The Midnite Jamboree to Strugill Simpson. I just wanted to release a follow up article with you for this major concern I’m sure many of you have. In a nutshell there is good news and bad news about the overall outcome of the Jamboree itself, and it’s continuity.

As of now I was informed that the first weekend in June Mr. Glenn will host the show for that weekend and the next weekend will feature Mel Tillis, that’s the good news. The bad news is we aren’t sure if there will be any further shows after those two weeks. Now IT WILL be taking place at the Troubador Theater like it always has been, and it will remain FREE.

I was told by the store staff that it will be preformed at Ten in the evening on Saturday night and re broadcast at Midnight on WSM like it has been for years. I can tell you one piece of information, if we get more members to join the association it CAN keep going. Mr. Ken Mosher has been offering a TON of great merchandise items for sale on the website and when you join you get all sorts of good stuff in a package. I got my coffee cup on my desk now and you get pins and patches and MORE!

CLICK HERE to join the association or send in your fee to the address on the site. YOUR money goes to the proliferation of Country Music History and YOU can help preserve the existence of this radio show. I have also been told of several benefit shows planned for the Midnite Jamboree in four different states throughout 2015 and I shall make articles as I am informed of confirmed event schedules.

All of the aforementioned products will be available at the Ernest Tubb Record Shops for sale and I’ll be attempting to cover the Jamboree but right now I’m not totally sure about what my schedule looks like for the month of June. I URGE YOU to PLEASE continue to help the store out and purchase music the CORRECT and TRUE way, IN PERSON. And PLEASE go support this live music tradition over on Music Vally Drive.

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