Ok folks my birthday is officially November 29th and I will be 42.
BUT…due to some personal things I wont be able to celebrate during
this weekend..SO..
Saturday November 15th I INVITE ALL Y’ALL to come to The 5 Spot
to party with me for my birthday where I’ll be watching The Three Bad Jacks
and one of my TOP 3 bands from Muddy Roots Music Festival Hillbilly Casino.

Hillbilly Casino has been covered on my website many many times and they have A HOME HERE
along with so many other bands. Hell…literally hundreds of bands and artists.
They are all really good guys and Mr. Geoff that plays upright bass is a good friend
to us all. Very positive and kind to everyone, he and Miss Tammy who owns Live True Vintage
do A LOT for local music and always invite us into their home.
He’s a former member of BR5-49 and has contributed to roots music and many other genres.

Mr. Nic is a very energetic lead singer with a ton of charisma and VERY funny
onstage. He never stands still for very long and jumps around like a rabbit.

Mr. Matthew is a really awesome drummer that is known for standing over the crowd
on his drum kit while stirring up the beats for this rockabilly band that
is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT do it yourself…and isn’t changing that anytime soon.

Mr. Ronnie play guitars and together these guys TRULY kick butt up there,
and honestly I cannot think of ANY BETTER band to party for my birthday
with than Hillbilly Casino. “The Sons Of Vanarchy”…they are the true American
rock band.



Three Bad Jacks are a bad ass Rockabilly trio form Los Angeles Ca.
They are led by Elvis Suissa who wrote almost all of their songs
on their debut album “Made Of Stone”.

They both are hard working bands for sure, hell the Three Bad Jacks play
over 250 shows a year nationwide.
They have a really cool song called “long Black Train” that is one of my favorites,
and they have a rockabilly cover of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades”.
Another good song “It’s A Cadillac”.

So dammit folks you guys need to come have a blast with me and
I’ll cover their sets for the website whole jamming to their music.
It’s just a shame James Hunnicutt Won’t be there to play banjo in
a chicken mask so Mr. Nic can run around screaming BGGACKKKK…

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