I met this man two years ago at the “Outlaws And Icons” festival in Altamont Tennessee. A lot of things happened on that mountain, lots of friendships born and formed, lots of music was shared. I quickly bonded with Joshua Morningstar while I was doing my research for the show, he reached out to me as we had a dark past in common.
He shared his first album with me before anyone got to hear it and through the years we have grown really close as friends. In fact like I said before if he called me with a “911” I’d drop what I was doing and help him.

We both never met nor did we ever meet Wayne Mills before the whole festival happened but yet we were treated like old friends of many years. Mr. Wayne was an exceptional human being with a heart bigger than Nebraska. I remember during Mr. Joshua’s set we watched him as he cried onstage during his songs. He FELT what he was singing and I thought MAN this guy is real as a heart attack and he UNDERSTANDS pain.

I been watching him grow as an artist and every time I go see him he just keeps getting better and tight nit. The man is on tour with Shooter Jennings right now and has done some shows in his area for my friend Mr. Kevin Vaughn who I met through Mr J.D.Myers. I went to two shows on this last leg of Shooter’s tour and he opened one of them and it was really cool to see him hollaring out to me with this website name on his kick drum. I’m not much of a ego person I’m just a fan of good music like you are. I had a swell time with the man who designed my logo Mr. Kenneth Marr..he is a damn fine individual.

This morning I sat down and talked with Mr. Joshua and sadly the poor guy had a toothache so I hope this article makes him feel better cause I know he’s hurting like hell. The guy is a road warrior and he’s been burning up the highways since Altamont. In fact he is so well sought after that in 2015 he is on FOUR major music festival bills I know of! We are going to share a hotel room during Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville Tennessee on labor day weekend. I think once he heard free breakfast and pool he wanted in ha ha ha. I cover it every year and of course I MUST PLUG La Quinta Inn they are the official hotel of this website.

I don’t usually mention different festivals in the same article but I think all of them respect each other in this instance so I’ll do this once. Joshua Morningstar will be releasing his second album called “Songs For Fools With Broken Hearts” during his set at the Moonrunner’s Music Festival this may. Now folks I’ll be on personal business that week and I cannot make Chicago then, but if you can go see him do so. He is going to have a BIG PARTY for this album release for sure and I know there will be a big deal going on for it.

So this album is going to be released on Little Class Records out of Kansas City which runs the Westport Saloon and American Roots Magazine. Mr. Jody is doing a REALLY FINE JOB out there with this magazine I LOVE IT and as soon as he gets a physical copy subscription I do not care how much it costs I’m buying it. And this album was produced by him and Mr. Drew Burasco and it will have ten songs on it. NOW THEN it will be a concept album, which will fit the ten songs together in sequence. He only wrote half the songs on the album but saw the relevance of the cover songs to fit the album as the first song will be “Sad Songs And Waltzes” which Willie Nelson wrote and put on his album “Shotgun Willie”.

One of Mr. Joshua’s many heros is Lefty Frizzell and so the song “Gone gone gone” will be on the album as well.
One of the ones he wrote himself will be “My Crying Eyes Are blue” and as I said before he wrote only five of them on this album. In the beginning of our conversation I asked him if he was cutting Billie Gant’s underground Anthem “Stop Fucking Up Country Music” and he said no and let me tell you why..and began to tell me about the concept album.

So he is picking back up with Shooter in May thru June and as Shooter goes overseas he will do U.S. dates and he will continue with Shooter and Waymore’s Outlaws into 2015. He is causing major waves within the local music community and he is playing all over the country. If you get a chance to see his show you MUST go check him out, and tell him I sent you! They are also working RIGHT NOW with Pete Berwick and so far I have not heard back form him for any information about his forthcoming album on the same label.

You can order the album through this article by clicking HERE that will take you over to Little Class Records pre-order site and if you have any questions they will take care of your needs there. I for one look forward to having this album in my hands and I wished I could be in Chicago for the release.

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