IT IS HERE…Live In The U.S.A. is the live album from Hillbilly Casino.
Right now it is temporarily ONLY available online by clicking HERE.

This album was recorded at the Exit In in Nashville Tennessee, and it includes 19 songs
with 3 NEW original songs. If you pre-order NOW before the 17th you WILL have it
by Christmas.

I have featured these guys MANY TIMES on this website I don’t rightly think I need to
go into detail on who they are, they are a VERY active band.
Hillbilly Casino has been a Muddy Roots staple band all 5 years and in 2014 they were
most certainly one of the top 3 acts.
They will be part of the Nashville Boogie at Opryland which also is a Muddy Roots event.

1.) Crutchero/Debt with the Devil (Abstn/Taylor)
2.) One Cup Beyond (Abstn/Firebaugh)
3.) No Toll Taken
4.) Heartburn and Heartache
5.) Jibber Jabber
6.) 80085
7.) PBR (Abston/Taylor)
8.) Dog on a Chain
9.) Big Dan (Crutcher)
10.) Hybrid Moments (Glenn Danzig)
11.) The Hole featuring Yelawolf ( (abston/Firebaugh/Ylawolf)
12.) Psycho (Nick Curran)
13.) (It Feels Good To Be A) Psycho
14.) Trainwreck (Crutcher)
15.) Mimes of the Old West (Mark Robertson)
16.) Something’s Getting Redy To Give
17.) Violets in May
18.) Hot for Teacher (Van Halen)
19.) Tennessee Stomp

So catch this band on the road somewhere and stop over at their merch table
and pick up shirts and albums.
Let’s keep this band rolling on folks.

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