Last October in Altamont as I became an Altamont Original I also met some of the greatest people in my music travels. I been HARD at this deal for years now, I know I just released my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY article however I been at this longer. I had a different host and closed it down to work for a “facebook only” page that had their own rules. The administrator had every right to be upset with my mentioning Shooter if they wanted him banned from their page, so I reopened THIS website. I WANTED to cover Shooter and EVERYTHING he does and let YOU MY READERS choose.

I launched my VERY FIRST article last October up on the mountain during Kara Clark’s set.
And there I met the man PART of this article is about Joshua Morningstar.
And OF COURSE Ol’ Shooter too!

Joshua Morningstar and I have a similar past history together before we even met.
We are both cleaned up and sober, and together we are kicking the music world’s ASS!
We both keep in constant touch on the phone and internet and we share a very special
bond. There aren’t many I would jump in front of a bullet for…he’s one of them.
When I saw this I was PROUD of him and willing to lend my hand in support and you damn
sure bet I will do JUST THAT.

I have got to see him achieve many awards and do many shows all over the United States.
This past year he played Moonrunners Music Festival this past year and was a hit in Chicago.
In fact as I work on this…he is working in Chicago RIGHT NOW! And I KNOW this..if I called
him RIGHT NOW with a “911”..he’d be there for me.

A few days ago he announced that he was asked by Shooter Jennings to open for the shows he is playing with his father’s band: Waymore’s Outlaws. Of course Richie Albright, Jerry Bridges, Fred Newell and Tommy Townsend are the current lineup of Shooter’s band for these shows.

Shooter just released his EP tribute to George Jones on his own label BCR in August.
it contained “Don’t Wait Up” (I’m Playing Possum) that was written for George’s next
album however he passed away before he could cut the song.

So here’s the show dates and I’ll add them more and more as I learn them
for you so you can attend these shows. You can buy tickets for ALL these shows on Shooter’s site, click on his purple name up there. Now some of these dates are just Shooter alone and you will have to check the schedule, most of the shows into may are indeed with the Outlaws.

May 16th The Shed, Maryville Tn
June 16th The Village Idiot, Maumee Ohio
June 17th Music Box Supper Club, Cleveland Ohio
June 18th Jergel’s Rhythm Grill, Warrendale Pa
June 19th Phase 2, Lynchburg Va
June 20th Canal Place, Cumberland Md
June 27th Mountain Village, Stanely Id
August 7th Ink And Iron Festival, Dunlap Tn
August 8th The Bluebird, Bloomington In
August 21st Dancing In The District, Duncan Ok
Sept 5th Sky Ute Casino, Ignacio Co
Sept 10th Cotton Eyed Joe’s, Knoxville Tn

NOW THEN I’ll be hard at work trying to cover the Clarksville Tn show.
I think I’ll have to call the man in charge to get some space to work
my website for the show.

Recently BCR which is Shooter’s own label released the BCR Mixtape which is
ONLY available online and is VERY limited.

1. You Are My Sunshine – Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez and Shooter Jennings
2. She Talks To Rainbows – Shooter Jennings (exclusive to the mixtape)
3. Nashville From Afar – Shooter Jennings (exclusive to the mixtape)
4. Dirty Ol’ Pines – Jayke Orvis
5. Heaven Won’t Let You In- Last Daze
6. ‘Till Tomorrow – James Hunicutt
7. Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music with Ron Jeremy
8. Waymore’s Blues – Fenixon
9. Funnel of Love – Wanda Jackson
10. I Found the Body – Fenixon
11. All of This Cound Have Been Yours – Shooter Jennings
12. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone – Shooter Jennings
13. Crazy Christmas – Mick Foley

You can order one HERE.

I have been keeping a close eye on Joshua Morningstar as well and you can darn sure bet I will be featuring him on the website more in 2015. He is one of the ONLY people in underground music that is being featured in so many music festivals it’s unreal. I can call him anytime and he will be there for me. And the same is extended toward him at any time for sure.

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