For some time now I have been watching a project being made public by Jahshie P head honcho over at the Chicago based Moonrunners organization. Earlier this year he introduced Indie Exchange which is a pay per view (or listen) to page with exclusive site only content from some of the bands involved.

You can learn ore about this by clicking on the link above as you can hear exclusive songs by the first artist to become involved Hellbound Glory. For a small fee you can unlock music you can ONLY hear on this site, and learn about releases before the general public does.

What is

A video streaming web solution for the independent artist, offering the power of the Exact Timer Technology
A hub where fans can easily find their favorite artist’s exclusive content and hear new releases
A place to discover new talent by sampling various artist’s submissions at reasonable rates
A community to foster the growth of the independent artist, their work and the culture
An opportunity for the independent artist to control and monetize their content
Where the independent artist is guaranteed quick payment

I’m always looking for opportunities to allow indie artists to make the most income off their music in ways more accessible to the public, because the main media does not include their music (in ANY genre) for them to appreciate it. THIS website makes that possible in many ways and sheds new light on many aspects of their music. As it grows this will become a mecca of exposure to many artists that many fans would not have heard of anyplace else and I think this can certainly help the music community in many ways.

At this point I shall save all of my major music festival announcements for the last week of 2015 because I have SO MANY and Moonrunners is one of them. They ARE announcing some of the acts for next year already and as they all announce the ticket prices go up, but i just have so much to report on right now I have saved my festival coverage for later and like MANY of my articles I shall be following this up with updates as it grows into shape to be bigger.

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