MAN alive was it a perfect day to wake up to on Saturday after the morning rains, Mid 80’s and sunny. Attendance was up this day and all the vendors were finally in full display swing. We actually did already have some pretty epic music sets so far, to be honest in my opinion the Legendary Shack Shakers won the award for best set of the weekend.

So first up from Texas we have my buddy Moose’s Last Stand which is a thrashbilly trio made up of Moose Allen – Upright Bass/ Vox/ Writing, Ian Brown- Rhythm Guitar/ Vox/ Writing and Justin Collins -Drums.

He and I have been internet pals for years and we comment on the same threads and such, but THIS IS the beauty of festivals. We finally got to meet in person for the first time today, I finally got to share with how I do things on here and he finally got to expose me to his live set.

They pretty much played their entire album Throat Punch here today and that video above is from the song “Shut Yo Mouth”. They played a song called “Irish Bell”, and “That Been Said”. I’m pretty sure if you stop over at his Facebook and hollar at Mr. Moose he can sell you a copy of the album.

“Rooster” was next followed by “Fear” and “Decent”. The title track of the album “Throat Punch” is most likely one of my favorites on this album, it’s just high octane pure grain bad ass music folks. Seriously who the HELL CARES what it is, punk, rockabilly….who cares? It’s good, buy it cause I said so!

Because you’ll hear song like “Bottle Of Sorrow” and “Whiskey, Hops And Honky Tonks” I mean WE ALL like whiskey right? This ain’t a hipster craft beer band. They closed with “Last Stand” and “Lamb And Wolf” here today before I went off to see this next band called `W.D.Miller And The Revolvers from Miami Florida.

This video is from their song called “Outlaw”, and I also got to see them play another called “Greed” before I went to the Reverend Red Who is currently on tour with Mr. Duane Mark which was my next act here. Their duo record together was really cool and their combination shows are fun to go see.

“Bad Love Gone” was first today along with the powerful song called “People die That Way”. My favorite song either of them play is “Truckstop Whore”. Mr. Duane plays it solo too, as he did at Moonrunners in Chicago. They played the same stage back to back before joining up afterwards to tour. “Blood Of The Lamb” was next and he followed that up with “Come for You”. Let’s watch this video from this fine artist:

“Hang Him In Front Of Me” was included in his set as well as the song called “I Did It For Denver” off the album Goode Hill Road. “Muddy Boots” was another one I noticed him play here as well as Knock Three Times”. The album This Dammed Town boasted his last song I heard called “Jakub’s Farm”. Much like many others I finally got to meet him and shake his hand, tell him how much I liked his music and what I do here.

Before checking out Mr. Duane I went across the road to see Mr. Bruno AKA Lone Wolf OMB another of Muddy Roots beloved one man bands. He played an R.L. Burnside song called ” Poor Black Mattie”. He also played some Muddy Waters songs and went into playing “John Henry”. he always does a really energetic and super fun blues induced set at any Roots Festival I see him at.


Mr. Duane Mark was my next fine musical act I saw today. He and I have been friends for quite some time, now to be honest I hate the damn guy but I have to be nice to him for professional reasons. Just kidding folks, you will NOT meet a nicer fellow on the road than Mr. Duane seriously. He is truly a gifted performer and an all around damn fine friend, I could call him now and have his help if he could.

‘A Shot And A Beer” was first (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) and he also played “Miner’s Blues”. He also played the song called “Broke Down”. I have featured Mr. Duane many times like this one HERE and as I mentioned he is currently touring again with the Reverend Red.

He played “I’ll Fly Away” very nicely and the last song I watched him play was “Red Letter”. Then I went over to watch Mikey Classic And His Lonesome Spur which is the front man for the Goddamn Gallows doing his solo work on banjo. He just released his second album and you can buy it at the Vinyl Bunker here in Nashville.

He and Fishgutzz played “Bow Down To No Man” first and then they played “Nowhere Left To Roam” which is a Gallows song off the 7 Devils album. I also heard them play “Old Dusty Trail” before I passed around again for more coverage. Folks you know one thing that’s really cool about Muddy Roots is the friendship that’s there, I mean here we are watching other bands with Sean K Preston.

Here is where the weather began to drastically change for the better and the sun came out for us to enjoy stage 1 fully and even though it was truly still muddy, we enjoyed ourselves.  There were several good bands playing while I took a lunch break to meet with some Ohio friends from Duck Creek festival.

Video property of Mr. David Flewwelling

Some of the bands I missed were El Escapado which was a punk band from Nashville made up of Abe Mesaris – Vocals, Eliott Virula – Guitar/Vocals, KD Bell – Bass/Vocals and Joey Shrum – Drums. That was going on over at stage 1 while I was eating.

Mark Porkchop Holder was another one I missed, he put on ONE HELL of a set from what I heard. The sun….man the sun has come out here today! We were all basking in the joys of the GREAT weather for the rest of the weekend here in Cookeville Tn.

So due to a sudden cancellation we had The Saddle Of Southern Darkness fill in for us over on stage 1. Trent Williams- Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Chase Williams- Vocals, Dobro, Guitar and Mark Rossi- Upright Bass make up this band which is currently on tour with the Trejon Street Corner Thieves.

Their set contained heavy hillbilly songs like “Sitting Bull” and others like “Owl And Crow Sign”. This band was just a mixture of all kinds of styles of music and I REALLY enjoyed them for sure! I would highly suggest you go catch them on tour.

“Ordered 1 Shot” was next followed by another called “Hang In A Tree” off their album that is self titled. “Blasphemous Bill” was next followed by one called “Bad Times”. Let’s watch a video here from them courtesy of Bluedevil Dixie.

“Folk Singer” was next followed by the song “Compelled To Dig” which displayed some truly fine solos and craftsmanship from this band here from Denver. They closed their set with a song called “Rattlehead”. What a truly pleasant surprise unannounced band here today.

Everymen TORE UP stage 2…no I literally mean they tore the stage up with silly string and swimming noodles. Confetti and other debris followed the chaos in there, however I was elsewhere getting electronics charged up.

Dead Bronco has a new album out now called Bedridden And Hellbound, and they come to us from Florida. The band consists of -Matt Horan: Vocals, Guitar -Oscar Calleja: Upright Bass -Danny Merino: Lap steel -Manu Heredia: Lead Guitar and -Danel Merin: Drums.

They opened with “My True Love” and another called “Liberation Of A Married Man” off their three album catalogue of material. This blend of metal and roots music with a lap steel was really cool, I’m still enjoying their albums right now.

They also played “Don’t Care About Drinking Alone” and another called “Freight Train”. I didn’t catch mnay other songs on this set as I was on the move again, are YOU keeping up with me? It wasn’t easy this year trust me. King Mud comes from Fort Wayne Indiana and they played on stage 3.

Freddy Joe Evans from Left Lane Cruiser and Van Campbell from the Black Diamond Heavies make up this band as they played songs like ‘War Dancers” off their album Victory Motel Sessions followed by “Keep It Out Of sight”. Let’s watch a video property of Bluedevil Dixie:

I didn’t get any pictures of their set and for that I’m sorry but I did get the set list with songs like “Smoked All My Bud” and another called “Rat Time”. Even though the sun was fully out now around supper time we still had a VERY muddy roots, everybody was in muck boots and nobody had dry socks. I think I changed socks three times today!

“Blood River” was next followed by ‘Take A Look’ and another called “Buck It Up” and they closed their set with one called “Arthur’s Hooked”. This was another high energy smaller band today, however we all were having a truly great time out here.

Richie Owens And The Farm Bureauis a band I have covered many times on the website here. Mr. Richie and I had a wonderful conversation in 2014 about Country Music History, and many other things. He’s been a band I have admired for some time now.

Mr.Richie Owens, Mr. John Reed, and Mr. Brian O’Hanlon make up this band from my neck of the woods out here in Tennessee. They played “She Overuns My Heart” first and then played “L + N” and another that is called “Rebel’s Pride”.

They have their own unique sound and a signature blend of different flavors of music, and you can easily see that with songs like “Used To Have A Lot” and others like “Pigeon River Flood”. My personal song he does is called Franklin Town. Their set included “See You On The Other Side” and the Jimmie Rodgers classic “T For Texas”.

I sadly didn’t get any video of this act or the next one which was Joe Buck Yourself because my phone was charging. The Farm Bureau closed their set with ‘Why Can’t I Leave” and finally “Rye Whiskey”.

Black Irish Texas I did not get any photos or video for their set this time. However I did use my amazing resources to find their set list for the evening, their first song was from off their album To Hell With The King and it was called “Come Out All Ye Black And Tans”.

“thrills of Yesterday” was next followed by ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. The album An Ode To Saint Cecilia boasted a few more of their songs tonight like “Puke” and “Complicated Man”. One of their last songs was “Red Haired Mary”.

Dallas Moore is a name I mention VERY frequently over here, now this was the very first time he played Muddy Roots. I had to make absolute sure everything was charged up for the rest of the night. I recently reviewed one of his local shows during the time I was writing this from Bowling Green Kentucky and you can read that HERE.

They played one hell of a set out here tonight in Cookeville beginning with Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River”. He then played “Twisitn Through Texas” and rolled right on into “Bottle And A Bible”. One of my favorite songs was next called “Raising Hell And Slinging Gravel”, it’s got the upbeat tempo and groove to get ANY crowd going.

Photos of the Urban Pioneers and Mr. Chris Irwin of Texas AKA The Hillbilly Muslim.

Mr. Dallas makes that guitar his bitch basically, and he is WELL SCHOOLED in MANY areas of music. His band is equally schooled in various types of music. Mr. Chuck is a powerful right arm to Mr. Dallas, and he helps make Mr. Dallas all that more stalwart. They are seasoned road veterans that play a whopping 320 shows a year all over the United States, and you can pre order his new album by clicking on his name up there.

He played some new songs along with the new title track “Mr. Honky Tonk” and then went into a song he wrote about Altamont called “Up On That Mountain”. I met him in fall of 2013 at Altamont, I had heard of him but back then I hadn’t formed an Ohio alliance yet. My website was just taking shape…He played his signature long drawn out version of the song “Whipping Post”.

Left Lane Cruiser was tearing up stage 3 to my right and stage 2 was preparing for my buddies at Viva le Vox I’ll touch on them in just a moment here.

The Pine Box Boys were moving in over at stage 1, and I was helping a band with some van technical issues at this time while STILL doing MY thing…it’s what I do. I did not get any of the set list from Left Lane Cruiser tonight nor did I get any videos as a result of other things transpiring.

The Gravedigger (99 Holes) was first off the Child Of Calamity album followed by “Arkansas Killing Time” and next was the song called  “Grandfather’s Clock”.  You know this band is one of the west coast bands that don’t always get to my area, and that’s another great thing about festivals.

“The Crow” was next followed by “Will You Remember Me” off the STAB album, which was when I became familiar with them. Right around the MySpace days when I was loving the song “Mr. Skeleton”. Mr. Lester always plays a great show and it makes me laugh, the lyrics are funny you just have to have a laid back sense of humor.

“Teddy Bear Has Teeth” was next and then came  “St. James Infirmary” and  “Walk Through Walls”. I tell you the weather was absolutely perfect now this evening and we were all ready for music, and as they closed their set with
“Tardy Hearse” , “I Kept Her Heart” and then the song called  “Stab”! I moved on to other stages.

Video property of Bluedevil Dixie.

Viva le Vox   is a three piece band made up of Mr. Tony Bones, Scarecrow Jenkins and Johnny Tugboat.  Their set began with “Tiger Blood” and “Exercise Your Demons” . This is the third time I have encountered them at festivals in 2017, and every time I have enjoyed their set.

“Wayward Ones was next as I went onto catch the band over on stage 1….Viva Le Vox really was going crazy up there! So let’s watch this video of their set here before we move on to American Speedway.

Michael Kerchner, Bob King, Anthony Marinacci, and Lorraine “Dirty” McGurty make up the Pennsylvania based American Speedway. Just a flat out bad ass rock and roll outfit with songs like “How Ya Doin”, filled with ripping guitar solos and songs about killing yourself….they were all about killing yourself…hmmmm. Seriously this band was just absolute fun, and roaring loud.

Video property of Throwmaple

I stayed to check out one more song by them and that was “One Foot In One Foot Out”.

James Leg is an absolute legend in every sense of the word, there just isn’t any other word to describe him. I only got to catch him play the song “What Else Can I Do” before taking my butt to stage 3 for my buddies from Tennessee The Glade City Rounders.

The Rounders played a surprisingly TOP SET this weekend I didn’t anticipate some of their antics. They heavily involved the crowd by having a HUGE square dance there. I got to hear them play “Ticklebritches” and also “In The Jailhouse Now”.

They hit one another with beer bottles and play REAL obscure old Country Music, this band IS THE REAL DEAL when it comes to the history of Country Music and jug band music. I enjoy talking to Mr. Richard about old obscure stuff like one armed fiddle players from the 1930’s…good stuff.

The Goddamn Gallows were moved to tonight on stage 1 as a result of weather cancellations from day 2. They are one of the crown jewels of Muddy Roots and are by far one of the most popular crowd building bands featured on it. I went in through the security side this time because I knew it was going to get wild!

They opened their set with “Shattered” and then played “Ragz And Bones”. It certainly DID turn out to be a wonderful evening for music tonight and Sunday was even better weather wise, all in all I’d say this was an C + weekend with two days of miserable and two days of great weather.

As they played older songs like “Pass Me The Bottle” and “7 Devils” and “Yall Motherfuckers Need Jesus” off Gohst Of The Rails album and 7 Devils album we enjoyed their set.

BUT SEE Fishgutzz knows we want new music in 2017, so I heard it IS recorded and it IS coming. And as they played “What Was The High” off The Maker their latest release the crowd went wild. They went on to play “Everybody Dies” and another off an old album called “Gutterbilly Blues”.

As their set drew to a close for me I got to catch “Raise The Moon’ before moving on to stage 3 for Joseph Huber. The Gallows are always a surefire bet for entertainment and fun for me. It’s in NO WAY Country but BY GOD it’s good stuff y’all need to go over and order some stuff from them, keep them on the road.

Video property of Mr. David Flewelling

Joseph Huberalways plays a great set here or anywhere really. I featured him many times on here and he opened with “Playground Battlefield” from his new album that I featured, you can read that HERE.

He played many songs off the fourth album like “16-10” and another called “You Showed Me”. many of the songs were longer in length than his previous albums. He played “Drop In The Bucket” and “Same River Second Time” from older albums.

He played ‘Coming Down From You” followed by “Shovel Off Your Shoulder” and he included “Suffering Stage” in his set. I had to take a short break to eat a snack to keep myself going. I missed the Antiseen set however I will include a video property of Mr David Flewelling.

I know they played “Law Abiding Citizen” and from what I could hear it was a good set. They played “No Apologies” and I heard the song ‘Up All Night”. I also missed Muddy Roots originals The Sawyer Family as well as Restavrant.

Nobody really expected Jayke Orvis to actually play with the Broken Band again, but it did happen. And it was just as great as it was in Kansas City. Both times this year it was truly a beautiful set with those classic songs, in fact his first album has been recently released on vinyl.

They played “Streets” after Mr. Jayke played a few songs by his lonesome, and the Broken Band joined him later on. They played a powerful “Thunderbolts And Lightning” and showed no signs of rusty absence at all. It was like they just picked up from 2014, when I last saw them!

THANKS GUYS for smiling at me there, these guys just plain out have fun up there. They are such good friends and such good musicians that it’s always a good show and as they played “Gone Forever More” they went into a version of “Kaw Liga” that everyone loved. I still keep both of his albums in my constant rotation, and always will.

“Shady Grove” was next and then they played “Crooked Smile”. This place was going absolutely crazy for this set, and I was too because I love the songs these four play together. This is an epic happening here in the Roots music world. The last songs I heard them play were “Feelings Like This” and “pick Up The Steam” and finally the last song was “Bound To Ride”.

Whiskeydick those two bastard sons of Texas were the last band of the night, and I kind of went between both stages, I was pretty worn out by this time. I’m SO glad I had that camper not far from me, and didn’t have to drive to any hotel. Hotels are indeed nice, but they aren’t as good as being convenient and close.

They played “Rebel Flags And Whiskey” as well as “Yehaw”, from their endless list of albums to choose from. Their middle song was the long title “Train Robbing,gun toting, dope smoking guitar picking, motherfucking good time man”. They were a little bit inebriated tonight and had a small interruption with a stool that wouldn’t cooperate but once we got that fixed they were at it again.

They played “Drunk As Hell” their title track for the 2015 album, and that was pretty much the wrap of day 3 for me at Muddy Roots. This was indeed a very tough job touching on so many bands but I was pretty happy with my endeavors.

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