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Muddy Roots Srping Weekender is one of the few Muddy Roots functions I have never been to. I did attend the first ever one in Adams Tennessee but since it has moved to the Nashville Indiana area I am usually always tied up with other projects.

I heavily support Muddy Roots other two festivals, in fact the main festival in Cookeville I have only missed one year of due to health issues. I was in the hospital and had a portion of my colon removed and had a long recovery and missed the festival, and last year the Nashville Boogie was an unprecedented success. I will be including coverage of the Nashville Boogie as much as I can it’s grown so large I cannot cover it all by myself.

Ok folks so this installment takes us to Nashville Indiana and the Brown County Campground as they present the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender. It’s a smaller more secluded version of the main festival in Cookeville which I’ll also be at. Folks I tell you what I WILL ALWAYS be working for Mr. Jason on the promotions front and he does a LOT to keep me rolling.


So how about this folks I have a map of the whole campground for you and it’s located right off of I-65. I have been to the venue for another function and it’s GORGEOUS! So this event takes place May 20th and 21st and will feature a iconic underground band that is one of the bands that started it all for me Split Lip Rayfield, in fact you will hear about them on a few festivals in 2016.

Split Lip Rayfield
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
The Tillers
Woody Pines
The Calamity Cubes
Joseph Huber
Austin Lucas
Al Scorch
Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle
Dead Soldiers
Glade City Rounders
Matt Heckler
Husky Burnette
RL Cole
Keenan Rainwater
Joe’s Truck Stop
White Trash Blues Revival
Monzie Leo And The Big Sky
The Imperial Rooster
Hammer And The Hatchet

You can click HERE and buy tickets and by the way I make NO money off your ticket purchase it goes ALL to the festival companies NONE of my festival articles do. As always I found some hotels in the area for those of you that are like me and do not camp. So with all this information in mind why not go set aside some time to relax and let Muddy Roots entertain you?

Brown County Cabins
Comfort Inn
Abbey Inn
Creekside Retreat
Always Inn

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