Well folks Jon Hensley sure the heck is not forgotten on this website, his picture shall remain on my sidebar for as long as I continue to do this. My crusade for local and underground music was cheered on by Colonel Jon in more ways than I can name, and no matter what it was I liked even if he didn’t agree, he always respected my opinions. He never once told me I was wrong or silly for liking anybody, and he always shared his opinions of music with me. He had some strict opinions and I respected his too. All in All he was good to Shooter and to all of us too, he was a very good businessman and on Shooter’s VERY FIRST EVER July 4rth concert Colonel Jon Hensley will be remembered at The Merle Travis Music Center in Powderly Kentucky.

There will be some special merchandise available there that will only be for sale if you attend and this will be an all acoustic show with Shooter Jennings only. He will perform for us from 7-9 and share with us some of his memories of his friendship with Jon. I strongly urge you to come support Shooter and Black Country Rock Records as he gets through this tough time, this is one of the last shows Colonel Jon booked for Shooter.

The Merle Travis Center is a good sized venue however only 320 tickets are being sold and you can buy tickets HERE. You can also purchase tickets by calling The Look Boutique and Salon during business hours at 270.887.6793.

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