On Monday March 2nd some of Country Music’s most beloved Legendary songwriters will assemble at John A’s over on Music Valley Drive for a night of music to benefit a very needy young girl. Folks Country Music is all about family and taking care of each other and this little girl cannot help or care for herself so let’s step up to the plate and love on this child.

Join Mandy & Bob of Mandy Z & Rural Route One, along with many others for Round 2 Family Taking A Stand for Corrie. Corrie, age 2, was diagnosed at 8 weeks with Biliary Atresia, a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. Please go to the page here on Facebook: Corrie’s Story.

Biliary Atresia is a rare liver disease where the common Bile duct out of the liver atrophies and toxins get stuck in the liver. Corrie was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia (BA) at 8 weeks old. At 9 weeks she had her Kasai surgery where her small intestine was attached to the base of her liver and stomach to give her liver a way to drain. The only cure for BA is a liver transplant and Corrie is currently listed and awaiting a new liver.Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement as we walk this journey. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you may do so at THIS LINK.

I’m going to tell you this the food at John A’s is SO SO GOOD, it is one of Opryland area’s BEST places to eat and go see live music and THIS NIGHT the live music will be going like CRAZY! I’ll tell you these treasured Legends of Country Music Songwriting hold a special place in my heart. People like Jimmy Payne have built Country Music and are one of it’s pillars. YOU MUST GO and see this truly wonderful show and share the stories and songs with them if you can. Here’s the lineup:

Glenn And Dottie Tubb
Don and Karen McNatt
Karen Wheeler
Chad Evans
Jimmy Parker
Coby Greer
Mandy Zahn
Chazz Wesley
Michael McGregor
Shawn Hamilton
Jimmy Payne
Ron And Leona Williams
Mike Cullison

Mr. Glenn and I and Mr. Ken Mosher are on a crusade to raise awareness and funds to keep the Midnite Jamboree afloat and you can learn about that HERE. He is a Legend and a Tubb, he has given so much to Country Music and now he plays his songs to benefit this young child.
I have so many stories about these people performing on this night, Mr. Don McNatt sings some great music along with his wife Miss Karen. Ask him to play “Ripped up, Tore Up” and ask her to play “Bluebird On My Shoulder” and you will be MORE than entertained as you listen.

Leona Williams is a powerhouse of Country Music history. She’s wrote and given so much to it and with her son Ron I KNOW you will enjoy her portion of the show. My favorite song she wrote was “I Think It’s Gone Forever” that Merle Haggard recorded. It was on the ‘Pancho And Lefty” album and two other albums he did as B side songs. Her 1976 album “San Quentin’s First Lady” is heralded as a classic find on Vinyl record. Her only top ten hit was a duet with Merle Haggard called ‘The Bull And The Beaver” however her music is highly regarded as Classic Country Gold by aficionados.

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