The 5 Spot is a really cool place to see live music in East Nashville.
I just recently celebrated my birthday there with some other bands and had a GREAT TIME.
And they also have some great songwriter series shows going on there that I wrote about.

J.P.Harris and his band The Tough Choices will be
featured there on December 9th The 5 Spot will welcome his pure bred traditional country music
to Inglewood.

His website clearly states that J.P.Harris just strictly plays country music.
It’s not classified as Roots or Americana or any other genre but Country.
And his life has basically been just what he sings, Country.
Leaving home at only 14 with a backpack and living on trains and hitching rides.

In 2011 after two years of touring and doing shows with no recorded music
he went to Louisiana and recorded his first album in three days..and in May of 2012
he released “I’ll Keep Calling” to little commercial attention but BIG underground
It won The Nashville Scene “Best Country Album” of 2012.

His latest album “Home Is Where The Hurt Is” is exactly that…deep Country lament.
These guys tour pretty much constantly and play almost as many shows
as Dallas Moore and Bob Wayne.
He plays tons of music festivals as well, and I see him prominently featured in Texas.

I just wished there was more time for me to catch as many shows as I’d like to
but sadly I work another job as well, and I work second shift.
Just take my word for it..if you love steel and fiddle like I do you WILL LOVE
this man and his band.

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