oak ridge boys

This past year the Oak Ridge Boys released their VERY FIRST Live Album.
They have been active for over 40 years and have had the same four man lineup
since 1973 accept for an 8 year lapse when William Golden left and came back.

One of their greatest hits was “Elvira” that my friend Dallas Frazier wrote and
it was on the album “Fancy Free”.
And Bobby Sue was another hot single which was penned by Wood Newton.
They have recorded 27 studio albums and 4 greatest hits albums and have had
40 charted singles. They have 5 Grammys, 2 ACM, 4 CMA awards 8 GMA Dove awards.
AND NOW they are coming to The Carson Centerin Paducah Ky December 5th.

You can purchase tickets HERE. Folks I’ll be honest this a REALLY NICE place to see a show.
Their album American Made, released in January 1983, created controversy when the title track became the source of a TV ad for Miller Beer. The original opening lines say:

My baby is American made
Born and bred in the USA

Miller’s ads used slightly different words:

Miller’s made the American way
Born and brewed in the USA

The Oak Ridge Boys did not want the song used in the ads, but had no part in the decision. The group would not sing it during the commercial’s run.

They became Grand Ole Opry members in 2011 and play their required dates.
In 2007 the group appeared on Shooter Jennings album “The Wolf” and in 2009 they released “The Boys Are Back”
which was named for the title song written by Shooter.

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