Tru Country

Folks I learned on social media this week from Mr. Tracy Pitcox who owns and runs Heart Of Texas Records that beginning may 8th there will NEW episodes of Tru Country on the ever popular RFD Network.
There are twelve new shows that were shot in Brady Texas and will feature your favorite Tru Country artists like one of my favorites Jake Penrod! Apparently all our calls and letters have convinced the network to bring the show back.

If you are not familiar with the artists involved YOU NEED TO BE and I’ll try to help you out by adding links.

Amber Digby
Anthony Wilson
Becky Hobbs
Bobby Flores
Charley Pride
Curtis Potter
Dicky Overbey
Darrell McCall
Diane McCall
Frankie Miller
Georgette Jones
Heather Myles
Jake Hooker
Jake Penrod
Jett Williams
Jody Nix
Johnny Bush
Johnny Rodriguez
Justin Trevino
Kimberly Murray
Landon Dodd
Leona Williams
Leslie Sloan
Lisa Morales
Mickey Gilley
Mona McCall
Norma Jean
Penny Gilley
Rance Norton
Ron Williams
The Survivors
Tommy Hooker
Tony Booth

Folks this is truly a wonderful way to listen to some GREAT traditional country artists that are making NEW music. Have YOU not heard people say “Radio “Country” is not country”? WELL THIS is how you fight that crap. Folks we MUST finance and support this kind of music. Attend the shows and festivals and order these albums, because the power of the wallet is indeed HUGE. I’m going to give you EXACTLY what their own website says:

RFD-TV proudly welcomes back for it’s 5th season, the popular entertainment series, TruCountry Music, filmed live in Hamilton and Brady, Texas. The show has been a huge success in a market that has been devoid of traditional country music for years. “Folks love the real deal” and that’s what they’ll get when they tune in every week and see a dance floor full of cowboys and cowgirls swinging their partner to the sounds of TruCountry Music!
TruCountry is a half-hour show featuring singers and songwriters from the traditional genre of country music.

A singer/songwriter in her own right and producer of the TruCounty show Heather Myles says, ”America has spoken! People are tired of what they are seeing on TV and hearing on the radio that doesn’t even resemble real country music! I was raised on a ranch in Southern California and miss the kind of shows my brother and I grew up on… I like to think of TruCountry as a Lawrence Welk Show with a country flair! It’s great family entertainment for all ages. Our music speaks to the working class… It’s pure and it comes from the heart… it’s the real deal. And best of all It’s America’s Music”.

TruCountry would like to invite everyone who loves America’s music to tune in each week for live performances by Johnny Bush, Becky Hobbs, Johnny Rodriquez, Heather Myles, Leona Williams,Miss Leslie, Justin Trevino, Amber Digby, Darrel McCall , Tony Booth , Miss Leslie, Danni Leigh, Jody Nix, plus many more along with the HOT TruCountry Band! Don’t miss out on the seasons 1 ,2,and 3,now available on DVD , filled to the brim with hot‘n heavy shuffles, heartfelt ballads, and shimmering steel guitar. Dance across Texas to the streets of Bakersfield and beyond with TruCountry!

I’m eagerly awaiting just who will indeed be involved with this all new season produced by Heather Myles and I guess we will just have to find out…..won’t we?

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