Well if you remember last year I covered W B Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show when it turned one year old..well NOW it turns TWO! And this time it will not be recorded at home it will be LIVE at the V Club in Huntington WV. I’ll tell you this will be a really good show and if you can go see it live, do so.

Brandon has turned me onto quite a few artists and music in the last two years and I know him personally, he is a damn good guy. He runs one of the finest podcasts that exist today and he puts a bunch of time and work into his shows. He produces a weekly program which usually features three artists or bands that compliment each other.

Tyler Childers
Justin Wells
Arlo McKinely
Matt Woods
Brittney Avery
Hannah Aldridge
Justin Payne
The Horse Traders

Those are the eight performers that will help him celebrate his two year anniversary, and will all be performing live at the club while he broadcasts it. Last year he did a REALLY GOOD show to feature the Hank Williams lost recordings. In fact I thought it was a historic recording and I still enjoy it now. I call him the Paul Harvey of podcasts and I need to have a shirt made of that.

He has done some really good interviews in the past with people like Shooter Jennings and Unknown Hinson.His interview with Shooter Jennings and his manager Jon “The Colonel” Hensley was absolutely outstanding and was well popular on social media.

I recently drove to Lexington Kentucky for one of the last Fifth On the Floor shows and got to see Tyler Childers play live as their opener. I first learned of his music from this one year show and was blown away by his style of delivering his lyrics. He sings an old Utah Phillips song called “Rock Salt And Nails” that is a very well written song and another of my favorites he sings is ‘Bottles And Bibles”. You should tune in and check him out and I think you’ll agree Tyler is one of the most overlooked artists around.

Matt Woods…wow..just wow. He was one of my top 5 acts of Muddy Roots 2014 and his latest album “with Love From Brushy Mountain” was one of my top must have albums of 2014. He really puts on a hellacious performance when he takes the stage. I was beyond impressed with him in many ways. I gave him one hell of a good review for his Muddy Roots set last year.

Of this whole list of people as his guests there are none more loved by me than Brittany Avery, or Six Gun Britt.The two of us met on Myspace YEARS AGO and we have been friends a really long time, I have seen her grow as an artist and as an adult. I got to share in a lot of her triumphs and a lot of her setbacks in life as she struggled to find who she truly is in life. She has the prettiest little girl you will ever meet and she is adorable herself and let me tell you she can sing and play like none other! Do NOT MISS this show folks.

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