There are going to be a few long long lists of websites out there that are going to write articles about this event right here. But there are only a few of them have actually been to the event as I have. There is ALWAYS ROOM for others, and I will happily lend a hand to direct them to press. And I think that some others better jump on the North Springs bandwagon, because this event is growing by leaps and bounds!

I’m going to prove that through these photos from the second annual North Springs Music Festival, where even the traveling friends of the underground music community were still unaware of. See, the sad part of this event is that many of the locals still don’t “get into” the bands this event caters to. This event is indeed growing, however it is growing by support of outside sources. Now DO NOT get me wrong, he DOES have a plethora of local support, including paid sponsors that make this event possible.

These two photos below are from the second annual event, as I previously stated. See how small the crowd is in comparison to the next ones from last year? This is an insane amount of growth, and it is quite admirable but it isn’t from the demographic that is most important: local residents. I’m seeking ways that I can help him change that by self promoting this event at other events ( respectfully). I am always taking these other festivals to the crowds at other festivals.

This article is going to be an ongoing one full of what to know before you go and all of that other information you’ll know in order to have fun here.

I fully covered this festival last year, and you can read all about that HERE. Basically I missed the first year and the third year of this event. I can tell you that this event has grown in many ways through the years, while simultaneously maintaining the safe, family atmosphere. I’ll give you an example. Last year I watched a toddler feeding a dog a slice of pizza while listening to Them Dirty Roses …I mean, does life not get any better? It is truly an ambiance all it’s own.

There are areas where you can back a truck up to the audience area and watch the show, but with growth that may change. The fact remains that you are still allowed to is one of the things I am trying to convey to you if you are still in the air about going. You defiantly need to place this festival on your “to do list”, because the overall vibe of the event makes it a unique experience. 

Most of the artists that I have witnessed there have always wandered out into the audience to meet fans, and meet new fans and sell their own merchandise, while eating a local food vendor cuisine. See, because this entire festival revolves around the local economy which makes this one more important than the corporate ones like Bonaroo. And once again, the fact remains that it contributes so much to the local economy and gets half ignored is insane!

The locals that DO support the festival are all super neighborly and camping spots are indeed available. There are no RV hook ups, but there is truly plenty of enough room for people to camp as it now has been extended to 2 nights and a pre party. As far as I can remember you can grill and have small fires, I will change that upon further checking into it. 

There is a small cooler fee with your weekend passes, and this event has no alcohol sales, so you will need to plan accordingly for that. There are enough options to be able to overcome any situations that may occur. The gates open at 4pm on Friday and noon on Saturday, and there aren’t really too many hotels nearby. Last year I stayed in a hotel for the after party and this year I may stay in one twice, and I will look into the hotel situation, and add that. 

They added an entire day to this festival in 2024, and I wanted to talk  about some of the acts, and share some news about them. I also am going to embed some other links and things as well. I recently wrote an article on Ritch Henderson and Taylor Hunnicutt, who both released some banger albums recently.  Taylor Hunnicutt is one of the gals coming out with her debut album that is burning up the roads and venues all over the country. 

Many of these artists have played this event in the past, and with each passing year you get to watch these folks grow, and develop their own style. So many of these festivals have their own artists that manage to show up in some form each year. 

I am going to be studying some of these earlier artists as it gets closer to the festival weekend, and I will be writing more about some of the artists that are also on the pre show which has been moved this year to the Bull And Thistle Pub in historic Gainesboro Tennessee.  That portion of this event contains some old friends of mine, like Dallas Moore and Rye Davis.

If you continue to keep track of them on their social media sites, you will be able to take advantage of their giveaways and contests that happen, and you can be introduced to their community. We will be reporting from the event this year, and I look forward to seeing and meeting everyone there.

Later on this week I am going to delve into the new Taylor Hunnicutt album and I have quite a few articles on her shows and Ritch Henderson whom is also on this event list You can read all about that right HERE. So please keep visiting back to this article for further information.



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