Record Store Day Black Friday Lists.

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Nov 252021






It’s time once again for every music lover to finish digesting their food, and start taking a peek at all of the lists  for their RSD picks for tomorrow.

Since its inception, Black Friday has turned the day after Thanksgiving into the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Traditionally, Black Friday has been about super-cheap prices on mass-produced goods and primarily takes place in malls and big box stores. But we really like the idea of a shopping season, especially when that shopping is all about, at its heart, a way to show the people you like that you like them. (And a way for them to show you, too. Gift-GETTING is also awesome!)

We work year-round to shine a light on the independent businesses in your local community that sell you records and other things that make you happy, make you smile, make you sing, bring you comfort, bring people together (with proper safety protocols in place, of course!). This year that has felt more important than ever, as local businesses of all kinds face unprecedented challenges, and we’ve been so happy to see how you’ve all supported them. Everything you find in a record store (or on a record store’s website) would make a great gift for someone, so in this year when the holiday season may be a little strange, but also a little special, and it may feel even better to wrap up and give a little something to someone, helping record stores be a part of that ‘shopping season’ makes more sense to us than ever.

There are artists, labels, managers and distribution companies who feel the same, and we’ve put together a list of titles for that season that will be available at participating record stores. They come out on Black Friday (this year 11/26) but may be available at record stores throughout the rest of the year, because record stores are the best place to go with a Holiday Wish List.

Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday are different events, and you can find out more about that on our RSD BLACK FRIDAY FAQ
The List of special releases is below, in a WEBSITE form where you can search and get more information, and a PDF that you can print out and use as a Wish List or Shopping Guide.


RSD BF 2020 - The List

Click For Web List Click For PDF List


There are three categories on our List:

EXCLUSIVES: These titles are physically released only at indie record stores.
RSD FIRST: These titles are found first at indie record stores but may be released to other retailers or webstores at some point in the future.
SMALL RUN/REGIONAL TITLES: These titles are either regionally based and sold at specific stores, or are press runs under 1000, which means they may be harder to find at record stores around the country. (If a title is regionally based and is not available throughout the country, it will say that in the description. The majority of titles on this section of the List are there because they have a limited run.)


*Some titles have moved from 11/26 and will be coming to record stores on another date. Find out more HERE

*Record Store Day does not give or sell the releases to participating stores. Each indie record store makes their own buying decisions and may choose to bring in some titles and not others.

*The titles on the RSD Black Friday list are limited in number, as are most things created for special time periods or exclusive to certain retailers. This means a store may not get all copies they wanted or that a store may sell out of a release before you are able to purchase it. (NOTE: This is the US website for Record Store Day. The pressing runs listed on our site are the number available in the US.  Worldwide numbers are sometimes found in the description of a specific title, when we are given that information.)

*The List of titles may change. Titles may be added, titles may drop off, information may be amended. We will update the List as changes are made.

*Record Store Day does not own or produce the releases (with the exception of those we create ourselves.) The information on each title has been provided to us by labels and distributors and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

*Black Friday, for better or worse, is traditionally an American “thing”. Many other countries are celebrating the kick-off to the holiday season, though and many record stores in those countries may have some of these releases. Check with your local record store if you’re not in the US. (NOTE: for all kinds of reasons, some titles may be offered and available in some countries but not others. Record Store Day has no control over that.)

Jeannie Seely And Jack Greene Album To Be Released.

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Nov 252021
Together Again Artwork
As a HUGE Country Music fan and a collector, one of the largest collections of memorabilia I have is that of Mr. Jack Greene ( including his tenure with Miss Jeannie Seely ).  In fact, I have one of the largest collections of Jack Greene items in the state of Kentucky, and I am told I have one of a kind items that nobody else in the world has I bought from his estate.
Many of the items I acquired before his death he came to see through social media, however he was suffering from dementia, and I’m not totally sure he understood what he was being shown. I have a plethora of pictures and letters of his band the Jolly Greene Giants as well.
The fact that someone out there cares enough to do this makes my heart swell up with joy that I cannot write in words here. Here is the official press release:
No photo description available.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 15, 2021) — Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene Together Again has been released to retail and digital music platforms today by Country Rewind Records, who has established a well-known tradition of bringing unreleased traditional country music into the contemporary country era. This album consists of recordings made exclusively for radio broadcast and, although some song titles may be familiar, these specific recordings have never before been commercially available. The original master tapes were rescued by Country Rewind’s president and executive producer Tom Gramuglia and put in the safe hands of producer Paul Martin who brought the recordings up to twenty-first century audio quality. Mastering  was provided by engineer Mick Conley with overdubs, remix, additional guitars, bass, drums and keys by Paul Martin. Background vocals for the project were sung by Nora Lee Allen, Jamie Allen Martin and Paul Martin. Stream and download Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene – Together Again on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Pandora and your favorite digital music platforms here.

“I was thrilled that these recordings were still in existence and that they would be available to the public once again,” said an excited Jeannie Seely when she heard that these long-forgotten tapes had been re-discovered. “I was so thrilled to hear I would be working with Paul Martin on this project, ” Paul Martin is not only one of the nicest guys you could ever know, but he is absolutely brilliant musically. I knew this would be fine-tuned to be the best it could possibly be, and he didn’t disappoint. I’m also proud to call him and his family close personal friends.”

Seely added, “It will always be special to remember the years Jack and I worked together with an incredible group of musicians,” she said. “We were both excited to carry on the traditions of country music, but also to update our sound and presentation to expand the limits as far as we could. The friendships we formed with each other, and our fans, are treasures. These recordings brought back wonderful memories of that very busy time in my career,” added Seely. “This also reminded me that we really did have a great sound and a great show, as these are the arrangements that we used in our live stage shows.”

“It was an honor to work on this particular project,” said Martin. “Jeannie and Jack have always been two of my musical heroes. I am grateful that I have gotten to know them through the years. Growing up working with my parents’ country band in the 70s, I performed many of the songs you will hear on this project with my folks back then. These songs seem so familiar, but they also show just why these two artists are true legends. It always takes a great song, but combined with 2 great singers, you get a timeless piece of art.”

Country Rewind Records has dedicated itself to bring classic country with this contemporary feel to not only the past country fans but also to the new country listeners.

Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene – Together Again Track List

  1. Mr. Record Man (Willie Nelson)
  2. There Goes My Everything (Dallas Frazier)
  3. Our Chain Of Love (Willie Nelson)
  4. Don’t Touch Me (Hank Cochran)
  5. All The Time (Lonnie Melvin “Mel” Tillis; Wayne P. Walker)
  6. Wish I Didn’t Have To Miss You (Dave Kirby; Hank Cochran)
  7. Love Takes Care Of Me (Jimmy Peppers)
  8. Welcome Home To Nothing (Hank Cochran)
  9. Love Is No Excuse (Justin Tubb)
  10. Enough To Lie (Jeannie Seely)
  11. Please Be My New Love (Hank Cochran)
  12. The Great Speckled Bird / It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Medley (Reverend Guy Smith; J.D. Miller)
  13. There’s A Whole Lot About A Woman (A Man Don’t Know) (Bill Eldridge; Gary Stewart; Walter Haynes)
  14. Help Me Make It Through The Night (Kris Kristofferson)
  15. Sidewalks Of Chicago (Dave Kirby)

Stay current with Country Rewind Records on their website and social media platform Facebook.

About Country Rewind Records:
Country Rewind Records (CRR) was founded by Thomas Gramuglia of Hindsight Records in 2014, Gramuglia obtained a treasure chest of unreleased recordings from recruitment radio shows from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The superb CRR collection of original master recordings contains music from more than 100 country music legends and trendsetters (including intimate performances by country music greats such as Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Connie Smith, Faron Young, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty and many more). These recordings were never released for commercial use. After a diligent quest to collect appropriate and legal permissions from artists and/or their estates, CRR has now recorded and produced multiple, quintessential, “must-hear” projects. With the mission to transfer these never-heard-before tracks to a high quality, state-of-the-art recording; complemented by contemporary instrumentation and background vocals, Country Rewind Records will release this historical American music to America’s music generations of the future. For more information, visit