About two weeks ago the entire independent Country/Southern Rock internet community was broken by the announcement of the Steel Woods disbanding at the end of the year. Every music related website that exists was printing an article about the subject, and over here at this website, we try to be a little different. I’m sure as shit you have already read the letter, and have formulated your own opinion on the matter, as I have mine. Right now, The Steel Woods have continued to blaze their own trail around the country. They have announced that they will be playing their already booked show dates in 2024, and their already booked festival appearances. In the past few years, this band has been dealt a few nasty blows to their overall being. The overall dynamic of the Steel Woods in my opinion have changed really drastically. I mean, the fact that Jason “Rowdy” Cope passed away right before their album in 2021 from complications from diabetes was one of the biggest ones they faced. Without the presence of Cope onstage I think new guitarist Tyler Powers may have felt overwhelmed thinking he had some mighty huge shoes to fill. The same could be easily said for the change that happened behind the drum kit with Jay Tooke leaving the band and the acquisition of Issac Senty. As a fan, the onstage strength was still there, but it was such a noticeable difference that the overall decision was inevitable. Nobody can truly come forward and declare the true cause of the decision to disband The Steel Woods, but we sure did enjoy the past. Not for one single moment am I trying to say the current lineup of The Steel Woods is boring or lackluster by any means. The story that interconnects all of the albums is still focused upon heavily through their live shows, and they still play an even portion of songs taken from each album respectfully. May 31st and June 1st The Steel Woods will be playing two of the last shows in my area of Maryville Tennessee at the Shed except for a July 4th appearance in Lexington. I will be including the remaining dates of their 2024 tour.
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