Beer 4

I have always been a huge fan of this collaboration since it began in 2015, and I became absolutely elated when I saw the press releases for this album. I have enjoyed watching the Red Dirt and Texas Country acts form all of their side acts and side bands, and this is one of them. While I enjoy the music both of these guys are doing on their own, the collaborations on this upcoming album have such good songwriters on them, I cannot rave enough about this one.

The entire reason I really enjoy these types of albums is it puts me to mind of the albums that Moe Bandy and Joe Stamply did in the 70s and 800s, where both of them were putting out some terrific music on their own and then getting with like Whitey Schaffer and Buddy Cannon to make those duet albums flourish. That concept was thankfully adopted by these two visionaries and modernized to make this album accompany the other three volumes.

One of the crazier things I discovered as I delved into this further was that this album is being released almost exactly one year to the date of the volume 3, whereas there was almost a 5 year gap between the first two albums.  And right now that fact there proves me theory I have about songwriters: the reason there are so many GOOD writers now is that in 2014, the ones that are on point now were busy honing all this energy 10 years ago.

Wyatt McCubbin wrote some killer songs like “Sounds Like The Radio” for the newest heavy hitter named Zach Top ( you might have heard of him )…..and another called “Honky Tonk Hardwood  Floors” from Cody Johnson….and that is not even the start of it.

Another name I wanted to tell you about was Aaron Raitiere, who also has one hell of an impressive back story. He released his latest album “Single Wide Dreamer” which took four years to make and gathered performances by some of Nashville’s heaviest hitters. When Dave Cobb discovered Anderson East at a songwriter night, he enlisted Aaron to do some co writing on that album. Consequently, he was hired by Dave Cobb to a publishing deal.

Hold My Beer, Vol. 4 Track List:

  1. One Way Highway” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Wyatt McCubbin)

  2. Poor Armadillo” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Wyatt McCubbin)

  3. All I Wanna Do Is Drink” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, David Lee Murphy)

  4. Wasting Time Waitin’”(Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Aaron Raitiere)

  5. Cowboy and Daisy” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Aaron Raitiere)

  6. You Got What You Wanted” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Jim Beavers)

Hold Beer

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