Today, the tour begins for this band Jenny Don’t And The Spurs, and they have a LOT of things to party about. I wanted to take some time here to tell you about some of the news they have going on beyond just the press release. There is indeed a whole new album coming out in June, along with a big tour that begins today, true. But I wanted to also bring to your attention some other projects she has going on, like the recent article I wrote for Bob Wayne’s podcast. You can read all about that HERE.

When you check out that podcast, you will learn that they won an Ameripolitan Award in 2023, in the Outlaw Group category. On this podcast you will hear Mr. Bob Wayne and his co host talk with Miss Jenny ( and since then, he has recorded many others ) about everything from pets to life on the road.

Jenny Don’t And The Spurs “Unlucky Love” Is A Dreamy Lament Of Unreciprocated Love

From the band’s upcoming album Broken Hearted Blue, out June 14th on Fluff and Gravy Records; Tour kicks off tonight in Blue Lake, California

April 17, 2024 – The opening cadence of Jenny Don’t and the Spurs’ latest single “Unlucky Love” hints at the country band’s indie rock past brilliantly. Palm-muted, chunky guitar and picked electric bass invoke one thing before the tremolo-laden, western-sounding strums usher in Don’t’s evocative opening line, “I know it’s not me when you say you’re falling in love.”

While writing “Unlucky Love,” Don’t says she was listening to a lot of prolific producer and songwriter Lee Hazlewood. “I have always been captivated by his songwriting and how he weaves feelings of nostalgia, despair, and hope into his songs,” she says. “His blend of self-deprecation and romanticism strikes a chord, particularly the universal experience of loving someone who loves another. Yet, despite this reality, we find ourselves lost in daydreams about them.”

If these daydreams were transformed into a song, this is how Jenny Don’t and the Spurs envisioned them. Swirling verses not quite repeating themselves cascade over each other, the narrator reminding herself, “I know it’s not me.” The song’s heartbreakingly positive, sweetly sung refrain breaks the daydream just in time for the rock and roll band to make another appearance in the guitar-forward bridge. “I’m just a fool, unlucky in love. At least I’m something.”

“Unlucky Love” is the latest single from Jenny Don’t and the Spurs’ upcoming album, Broken Hearted Blue—out June 14th on Fluff and Gravy Records. Fans can stream or purchase “Unlucky Love” today at this link, check out the video for the band’s previously-released single “Pain In My Heart” here, and pre-order or pre-save Broken Hearted Blue ahead of its release right here. Jenny Don’t and the Spurs kick off their tour tonight in Blue Lake, California. A full list of tour dates can be found below or at

More About Broken Hearted Blue: With their exciting new album, Broken Hearted Blue, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs—Jenny Don’t (vocals/guitar), Kelly Halliburton (bass), Christopher March (guitar), and Buddy Weeks (drums)—present ten dynamic songs that channel the essence of the Northwest’s music sounds while evoking the nostalgia of the Western frontier. Produced by Collin Hegna (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Federale), this album is a testament to Hegna’s meticulous craftsmanship. With his guidance, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs have created a musical tapestry that highlights each member’s talents.

“On this album, Kelly and I collaborated more closely than ever, shaping most of the musical parts together,” reflecting on their growth both as a couple and as a band. Jenny expresses, “We’re just fed up with mainstream music’s repetitive nature and the confines of genres. Each of us brings our own musical flavors to the table, emphasizing the importance of authenticity over conformity. Our music pulls from a variety of genres, which can be a bit tricky to define. But Collin really nailed it, capturing our blend of country, rock and roll, with that added touch of Western charm.”

Broken Hearted Blue is a significant milestone, as it marks Buddy Weeks’ debut on drums. The loss of longtime drummer Sam Henry (The Wipers, Poison Idea, Napalm Beach) to cancer in 2022 was a devastating blow that would have halted many bands. However, instead of slowing down, the Spurs intensified their touring and recording efforts, determined to honor Sam’s legacy by forging ahead with their musical journey. The album track “Bones in the Sand” draws from that profound experience and the resilience found amidst it.

Jenny Don’t And The Spurs Announce New Album Broken Hearted Blue With Rip-Roaring Charm On “Pain In My Heart”

Broken Hearted Blue out June 14th on Fluff and Gravy Records; Tour kicks off April 17th in Blue Lake, CA

March 28, 2024 – Jenny Don’t—of Pacific Northwest-based garage-rockers-turned-two-steppers Jenny Don’t and The Spurs—earned her moniker in her youth for her strong-willed and independent nature, often defying authority figures much to their consternation. This inherent rebelliousness led her to resonate with the authentic outlaw spirit of Country Western music, a spirit that is very much alive and well in the group’s new single “Pain In My Heart.”

Inspired by the writing style of Johnny Paycheck—and, in Don’t’s words, “His classic delivery of telling a story while the band keeps it rollin’ on”—“Pain In My Heart” finds Don’t flashing a smile and a wry apology in an around-the-bush plea for forgiveness all to the beat of the sharp country stylings of The Spurs. “I love how some of those old classic country singers can charm their way through a song,” says Don’t. “Even though they might be in the wrong you still want ‘em to win in the end. ‘Yeah, I know. I’m a jerk…but I love ya.’”

“Pain In My Heart” is the first single from Jenny Don’t and the Spurs’ upcoming album Broken Hearted Blue—due out June 14th on Fluff and Gravy Records. Fans can check out the music video for “Pain In My Heart” at this link, stream or download the single here, and pre-order or pre-save Broken Hearted Blue ahead of its release right here.

Broken Hearted Blue Tracklist:

Flying High

Pain In My Heart

Jealous Heart


Unlucky Love

Broken Hearted Blue

You’re What I Need

One More Night

My Baby’s Gone

Bones In The Sand

This band always wears custom rhinestone outfits handcrafted by Miss Jenny herself. And the more you check out this band, the more you will see why she calls herself Jenny Don’t. She earned that moniker from her shining example of a strong will and independent nature ( as their website states ). So yeah, I can easily see why she and her band are so proud of their accomplishments as of late!

If you cannot get out right now to see them on tour at one of their shows, I have some other news for you! they have recently been announced as being one of the showcase artists for the upcoming Americanafest festival, which I will be writing more about soon.

Catch Jenny Don’t and the Spurs On Tour
4/17 – Blue Lake, CA – Logger Bar
4/18 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel
4/19 – Redding, CA – IOOF Hall
4/20 – Portland, OR – One Moto Show
5/16 – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo
5/17 – Vancouver BC – Green Auto
5/18 – Everette, WA – Fisherman’s Village Festival
5/19 – Vashon Island, WA – Summer Music Series
5/23 – Portland, OR – Cravin’ Gravy Social Club
5/24 – Spokane, WA – Nyne
5/25 – Billings, MT – The Pub Station
5/26 – Spearfish, SD – The Matthews Opera House & Arts Center
5/28 – Minneapolis, MN – “Uptown”
5/29 – Davenport, IA – Racoon Motel
5/30 – Berwyn, IL – Fitzgerald’s Side Bar
5/31 – Mosinee, WI – Lamplight Sessions
6/1 – Green Bay, WI – Rock N’ Roll Land
6/3 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
6/4 – Yorkville, IL – The Law Office Pub
6/5 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Pyramid Scheme
6/6 – Detroit, MI – Lager House
6/8 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
6/9 – Rochester, NY – Bug Jar
6/10 – Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club
6/11 – Montreal, QC – Cabaret Fouf
6/12 – Portsmouth, NH – Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club
6/13 – Greenfield, MA – Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center
6/14 – Albany, NY – Fuse Box
6/16 – New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine
6/17 – New York, NY – The Mercury Lounge
6/19 – Baltimore, MD – Holy Frijoles
6/20 – Pittsburg, PA – Club Cafe
6/21 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Café
6/23 – Chicago, IL – Motoblot
6/24 – Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge
6/25 – Denver, CO – Hi-Dive
6/26 – Salt Lake City, UT – Aces High Saloon
6/27 – Boise, ID – Neurolux
7/5  – Riaza, ESP – Huercasa Festival
7/6 – Gierle, BE – Sjock Festival
7/8 – Bonn, DE – Kult 41
7/9 – Nijmegen, NL – Merleyn
7/10 – Groningen, NL – Vera
7/11 – Koln, DE – EDP
7/12 – Oberhausen, DE – Static Roots Festival
7/13 – Emmen, NL – Roots, Ribs & Blues Festival
7/14 – Aachen, DE – Rockstar HQ

For all tour dates and ticket information, please visit

I have some upcoming articles about all of the happenings revolving around Americanafest in the next few weeks here on the website. So, I hope that this article brings you some great information about a wonderful band, that is not only working their tails off in America but overseas as well!

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