Let me tell you some stories about this man here. Back on up to 2009 when I was fresh off of my divorce, and I was using music as an escape to the feelings. I was heavily surfing Myspace to find more of these underground bands, these “alt- country” bands. Obscure and raw country bands appealed to me and I was finding more of them daily, and eventually I found myself immersed into an entire community!

I found festivals, albums, venues and a entire world of new friends that focused on a huge community of bands like Bob Wayne. I found him around 2010 or so, along with thousands of others that collectively inspired me to begin this website. I had no idea that all of those Myspace surfing sessions would lead up to such a lifelong passion.

Bob Wayne has always been an immense influence upon so many of us and even now a few of his albums are hard to come by, I mean, he has been road dogging it for almost two decades now. I first encountered Bob Wayne live at Muddy Roots, and although I don’t recall what year it was, I knew right then that he was the real deal.

It’s a huge double standard to me, this wild world of music that revels in the glorification of drugs and whiskey….when in reality…many of us are sober now. Gone are my own days of drunken running around and going crazy during and after the shows. I’m still all about the music now, and as long as Bob Wayne is around…I’m a fan. At 53, I would rather enjoy a good music show with a ice cold coke and an edible.

I have covered his live shows countless times throughout the years of doing this, and now I get to cover an article about his podcast. “The Bobcast” started a few weeks ago with his guest being Dylan Walshe, and I believe as of now, there are 7 shows total. The basic synopsis of the overall show is to feature new bands to new people, catch up with old friends, and just overall visit with guests and find out what’s going on with his guest’s music.

If it weren’t for podcasts and radio shows people like me would have one less HUGE avenue for finding new bands to cover articles about. I’m going to be checking out the last 2 episodes I missed on this series, and I encourage you to do the same. There is a wide world of new independent music out there to discover, whether it be through a podcast or a website like this one.

You’ll be introduced to people like Daniel Mason, whom not only is a damn fine musician in his own right, but he holds a special place in underground music history as the banjo player from Hank III and the damn band.

So you will be treated to more news and music from Bob Wayne as I cover his set from the field in Cookeville Tennessee from Muddy Roots! Stay tuned!

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