Today’s economy has driven so many of us to only be able to commit to one or two major events each year. All of these big arena shows are now costing well over 2 and 300 to get in, and that’s not even including the parking or food. Supply and demand is bringing the price of people like Cody Jinks well into the throes of the unaffordable range, am I right?

Many of people are turning to the prices of the festivals, where you can find 20 to 40 bands for the price of one arena show. Many people are investing in one or two major festivals per year to see some of the top notch acts of the independent circuit juxtaposed with some local bands and up and coming smaller acts.

There is currently now  such an immense influx of smaller independent festivals popping up all over that no matter where in America you an easily travel to, there is a festival nearby this year.  Many of them you can even buy a one day ticket to and just visit while you see your favorite bands. Even if you just want to go check out the atmosphere for future camping.

Musicfest At Steamboat Springs January 7th – 12th
30A Songwriters Festival January 12th – 15th
Mile 0 Fest January 24th – 28th
Fort Worth Music Festival February 28th – March 2nd
Luck Reunion Festival March 14th
Heart Of Texas Music Festival March 14th – 23rd
South By Southwest March 8th – 16th
Chilifest Music Festival March 31st – April 1st
Winter Wonder Grass March 31st – April 2nd
Winter Wonder Grass Colorado April 5th – 7th
Bluegrass Heritage Festival April 14th – 16th
Baltimore Old Time Music Festival April 19th – 20th
Two Step Inn April 20th – 21st
Old Settlers Music Festival April 20th – 23rd
Wiggy-Thump-Festival April 20th
Backwoods At Mulberry Mountain April 20th – 23rd
Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival April 20th and 21st
High Water Festival April 15th and 16th
Merlefest April 25th – 28th
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend April 20 and 21st
Big Barn Dance Texas May 3rd – 4th
Calf Fry May 4th – 6th
Sun Sand And Soul May 2nd – 4th
Charm City Bluegrass May 5th – 6th
Red Dirt Barbecue Fest May 6th
Moonrunners Music Festival May 6th – 7th
Big As Texas Music Festival May 10th and 11th
Lower Town Arts And Music May 12th and 13th
Luck Reunion May 13th and 14th
Motorcycles And Music Festival May 18th – 21st
Sleeping In the Woods May 17th – 19th
Tico Time Bluergass Festival May 17th – 19th
Freshgrass Bentonville May 19th – 20th
Fallsburg Summer Stage May 19th – 20th
Bluegrass In The Bottoms May 20th – 21st
Kerrville Folk Festival May 23rd – June 7th
Sleeping In The Woods Songwriter Festival  May 19th – 21st
Roosterwalk May 23rd – 26th
DelFest May 23rd – 26th
Dark Star Jubilee May 24th – 26th
Western Swing Out May 26th – 29th
Hoxeyvie Spring May 31st – June 2nd
Texas Music Revolution June 2nd – 3rd
Railbird Music Festival June 1st – 2nd
Pondstock At Lake Hedtke June 1st – 3rd
Riverbend Music Festival June 2nd – 4th
Back Country Fest June 2nd – 4th
Camp Greensky June 3rd – 5th
Back 40 Music Festival June 5th
The Campout June 7th – 8th
Palisade Music Festival June 9th – 11th
Black Diamond Music Festival June 9th – 10th
Chinook Fest June 8th – 11th
Hog Farm Holiday June 9th – 11th
Weiser River Music Festival June 15th – 17th
Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival June 15th – 17th
Moccasin Creek Festival June 20th – 23rd
Telluride Bluegrass Festival June 20th – 23rd
Flatrock Bluegrass Jamboree June 22nd – 25th
Hwy 30 Music Festival June 19th – 22nd
Jackalope Jamboree June 27th – 29th
Cottonfest June 27th – 29th
ROMP June 26th – 29th
Whiimydiddle June 22nd – 24th
Blue Ox Music Festival June 22nd – 24th
Red wing Roots Music Festival June 21st – 23rd
Summer Solstice indie June 23rd- 25th
The Jenny Brooks Bluegrass Festival June 22nd – 25th
Rislo fest
The Peach Music Festival June 29th – July 31st
Roostertail June 30th – July 1st
Big Mouth Bluegrass July 1st – July 2
The Great Blue Heron June 30th – July 2nd
American Music Fest July 3rd – 6th
Winnipeg Folk Festival July 6th – 9th
Pickin’ On The Picnic July 6th – 9th
Ruckus In Tacoma Summer Smoke Out July 8th
4848 Music Festival July 18th – 21st
The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival July 12th – 15th
The Bill Monroe Memorial Bluegrass Festival July 14th – 17th
The Windy City Smokeout July 11th – 14th
Under The Big Sky Music Festival July 12th – 14th
Master Musicians Festival July 19th – 20th
Faster Horses Music Festival July 19th – 21st
The Summer Music Festival July 13th – 15th
RockyGrass July 26th – 28th
Nelsonville Music Festival July 26th – 28th
Headwaters Country Jam July 27th – 28th
Floydfest July 26th – 30th
Red Ants Pants July 27th – 30th
Peacemaker Festival July 29th – 30th
Pickathon August 3rd – 6t
Rock The Rind August 1st – 3rd
Seven Sense Fest August 4th and 5th
Boots And Hearts August 10th – 13th
Braun Brothers Reunion August 10th – 12th
The Neon Nights August 11th – 12th
The Symco Hot Rod Weekender August 11th – 13t
The Pagosa Bluegrass Festival August 11th – 13th
Kokefest August 4th – 5th
Grassfire August 2nd -4th
Hinterland August 4th – 6th
Podunk Bluegrass Festival August 10th – 13th
Pickin’ In The Backwoods August 16th – 17th
Hoxeyville Music Festival August 18th – 20th
Cat Bird August 19th – 20th
Fayetteville Roots Music Festival August 25th – 27th
Crowe Fest August 24th – 26th
Hot Rod Rock And Rumble August 24th – 27th
Kaw River Roots August 25th – 26th
River City Roots Music Festival August 25th – 26th
Manchester Music Festival august 29th – 31st
Earl Scruggs Memorial Music Festival Sept 1st – 3rd
Yake Music Festival Sept 2nd
Cavemen Music Festival Sept 1st – 3rd
Muddy Roots Music Festival Sept 1st – 3rd
Bristol Rhythm And Roots September 13th – 15th
Diamond Stone September 9th – 11th
Big Barn Dance September 7th – 9th
Park City Song Summit September 7th – 9th
Old Tone Music Festival Sept 7th – 10th
Moon River Festival September 9th – 10th
Festival Of The Horse September 8th – 10th
Huntington Arts And Music Festival September 10th – 13th
Walnut Valley September 13th – 17th
Bourbon And Beyond September 19th – 22nd
Pickin’ In The Pines September 15th – 17th
Americanafest September 17th – 21st
Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival September 20th – 23rd
Freshgrass North Adams September 22nd – 24th
Beachlife Ranch Spetember 23rd – 24th
Whispering Beard September 23rd – 24th
Mempho Music Festival September 29th – October 1st
current River Bluegrass Festival September 29th – October 1st
Foxfire Music Festival October 11th – 12th
Sound On Sound September 30th – October 1st
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass September 29th – October 1st
Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival October 2nd – 6th
3 Sisters Bluegrass October 6th and 7th
ACL Festival October 4th – 6th and 11th – 13th
River Stomp Bluegrass Festival October 13th – 14th
Austin String Band Festival October 14th – 16th
The Moonshiners Ball October 12th – 15th
Rebels And Renegades Fest October 6th – 8th
The Redwood Ramble October 6th – 8th
Bluegrass Island October 19th – 21st
Cave Fest October 11th – 13th
Troubadour Festival October 21st
Moon Crush At Avett Moon November 8th – 10th
Appalachia On The Rocks IV November 28th
The Orange Blossom Revue December 1st – 2nd3rd

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