I been rapidly catching up on all kinds of website information in the last few weeks to bring you the best coverage of all sorts of Country Music, festivals, albums and the like. One of the oldest Legends that we have alive today is none other than Willie Nelson, who at a whopping 90 years old is still amazingly active. Joshua and I have tickets to the upcoming Outlaw concert series in Tennessee, and I will be bringing you a full report on that concert in September. I won’t be touching on that upcoming tour so much as I just released another article about that, and you can read that HERE.


Nelson 90

So now we come upon another very special shindig that they had for Willie in Los Angeles, which was supposed to hit local area theaters however I didn’t find any near me. I did not get to go to this event when it happened live because I live a couple thousand miles away! I’m also not quite sure if this will ever get marketed on any platform.

There was a long list of men and women that assembled that night to honor one of the last superstars that Country Music has ever known. From the young man that kicked off the entire event who is known as Billy Strings all the way to Keith Richards, there was an array of love for him.

You had Charley Crockett, Margo Price, Emmylou Harris, both of his sons were there, and Lyle Lovett not to mention a long list of musicians that from what I understand threw a hell of a show. But now there is another important Willie Nelson announcement to make.

Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90
The limited theatrical release features a selection of the most memorable moments and unforgettable collaborations from the star-studded two-day concert event celebrating Willie Nelson’s milestone 90th birthday. The concert event was recorded live on April 29 and 30, 2023 before a sold-out crowd at the legendary Hollywood Bowl In Los Angeles, California! 

The two-hour-plus limited release film will give fans the opportunity to re-live or experience for the first time this epc event described by USA Today as “headed for the concert history books”. Honoring the legacy the 12-time GRAMMY Award-winner, the scene at the Hollywood Bowl transcended genres, with Associated Press remarking “The parade of partners illustrated one of the night’s themes: Willie brings people together.” 

Tickets for this exclusive concert film are on sale now!

willie blue

See, last week it was announced that Willie Nelson has finished his last album, which is his 99th studio album and that it was going to be remade as a Bluegrass project. To be honest I really wasn’t surprised at all upon hearing this one, he has done it all over about 155 different albums total.

Not only has he recorded albums from every genre imaginable, he employs the help of some of the biggest names in show-business to spice those albums up even more. This album that comes out September 15th will feature other legends of music like Buddy and Melonie Cannon, Dan Tyminski, and Rob Ickes.

Bluegrass Track List

  1. “No Love Around”
  2. “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces”
  3. “Good Hearted Woman” (co-written with Waylon Jennings)
  4. “Sad Songs and Waltzes”
  5. “Home Motel”
  6. “You Left Me a Long, Long Time Ago”
  7. “Yesterday’s Wine”
  8. “Bloody Mary Morning”
  9. “Slow Down Old World”
  10. “Still Is Still Moving to Me”
  11. “On the Road Again”
  12. “Man With the Blues”
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