Joshua came to town around 1pm, and after a delicious dinner I grilled us here we headed out to a Grimey’s Preloved And New Music for an album release party for a band that we have been talking about for some time now called The Shootouts. This album called Stampede was produced by Western Swing Legend Mr.Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel. This right here is one of those albums that may fly under the radar of other Country Music websites, but not this one.

This whole series of articles I’m currently working on were originally going to be combined into one big article, but the more I pondered the idea, the more I made them single and launched the same time across the board.  I wanted each band to feel the center of attention on each one, and by God this band needs to remain the focus of attention for awhile! Not only because this weekend was their Opry debut but because their third album is my own favorite one, and apparently others agree!

One thing I do enjoy most about this particular band is that in their three albums, they haven’t changed their sound, but yet each album is different in it’s own way. The lyrics and arrangement of songs are one of the factors that make me say that, and tonight’s show stressed that to me because most of the songs were from the new album.  However, their last song “Saturday Night Town” ( if you’ll allow me to jump around here ) had a REALLY GOOD A run between the lead guitarist Mr. Brian Poston and steel man Mr. Mike Daily, which complemented the other songs but came from their second album.

We had a ton of other places to go and bands to see within the span of a few days, so I have an entire plethora of information to write to you about all of the music. The set list here tonight of course mainly focused on their new album Stampede, and even though songs like “Better Things To Do” originally featured Marty Stuart, I rather enjoyed their performance.

Other songs that were included in this set were the title track “Stampede” and “Run For Cover” and “One Step Forward” , all of which were performed tonight in a wonderful passion for a true traditional sound that is being brought back a whole new genre of underground music. Sometimes, you feel like you are stuck in a place in life where you are taking one step forward and two steps back. This song was an upbeat reminder that once you fall behind in something, you can always achieve a step up toward your goal.

That in itself is a main reason we have this website, to bring you these bands and artists like The Shootouts that are cultivating their own style within Country Music. Even the underground Country circuit is now being saturated with bands and artists that sound alike in many ways, and sometimes it seems like many others are trying to follow a certain formula to get ahead….and it’s refreshing when a band like this comes along that just wants to bang out classic Country Music.

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